October 27, 2016


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October 22, 2016


Episode 131: D&C 32 – Sections 47-48 (Feat. Jim Van Heel)

Episode 131: D&C 32 – Sections 47-48

Local (to me) listener Jim Van Heel joins me in Studio MK (Marie’s Kitchen) to read two administrative chapters. Woo hoo! But first, Jim tells us about leaving the church, the difficulties of bringing up the hard topics, and beer.

Drink Count – 2

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Podcastriarchal blessing – Tyler S.

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Intro music by Maps & Transit, Our Happy Life. It was shortened by six seconds to fit the introduction.

Joseph’s Smith’s Biography

The definitive biography was written by Fawn Brodie in 1945. If you want to understand Mormon history, you must read this. She was a pioneer of early church history and was smeared and excommunicated for her research. Her book is ‘No Man Knows My History’ was originally labeled ‘anti-Mormon’ lies, the book is now available through the BYU bookstore online: https://www.amazon.com/No-Man-Knows-My-History/dp/0679730540

Early Church History

Grant Palmer was a teacher in the Church Educational System (CES) for 30 years. His book, ‘An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins’ is a great summary of the skimmed over issues most members in the pews are unaware of. His quote, ” Mormon doctrine is 2 miles wide and an inch Early Church deep,” is one of my favorites. His Mormon Stories interview is also highly recommended.

Edited Conference Talks

These are unbelievable really. My favorite go-to examples of outright deceit. First, Elder Poelman’s 1984 (1985 anyone?) conference rewritten and recorded in full and rereleased: http://infantsonthrones.com/?s=Poelman Second: the 2010 talk by Boyd K Packer edited to match current views on the nature of homosexuality,
http://religiondispatches.org/controversial-lds-conference-talk-edited-for-publication/ And Third: questions regarding wether the Relief Society meeting is officially part of conference lead to an edited prayer –

Mormonism & Masonry

This is a hot topic in ex Mormonism. In fact, I believe this is the most misunderstood aspect of Mormon history by both Mormons and ex Mormons. While 7 hours in total, I’ve never been more drawn in by any series of podcast than that of John Larsen with guest ‘George Miller’ who is a historian of both Mormon Temple worship and the Masonic Lodge. He is a TBM and I find his reasoning and conclusions extremely compelling. In iTunes under ‘Mormon Expression’ find episodes 19ax-19fx

Mormon Expression

There are 35 free episodes on iTunes every one of which has great value – my #1 recommendation is ‘How To Build A Transoceanic Vessel’ episode 2x, throroughly debunking the possibility of Nephi building a boat. However, there are hundreds of great episodes behind a paywall of $9.95 for life, which is incredibly worth it.

Signature Books

Publisher of all things Utah, Mormonism, and Americana Signature Books has a great wealth of books on Mormonism like the Parallel Doctrine and Covenants: http://signaturebooks.com/the-parallel-doctrine-and-covenants-the-1832-1833-1833-and-1835-editions-of-joseph-smiths-revelations/ There is also a parallel Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, both are out of print, but awesome display pieces. Follow them on Facebook for up-to-date Mormon news and limited release books.

Translated John

It was John the beloved who was translated. Leave it to LDS.org to dance around an answer, but that is what the membership believes:

October 15, 2016


Episode 130: D&C 31 – Section 46 (Feat. Joel Kuhn!!!)

Episode 130: D&C 31 – Section 46 (Feat. Joel Kuhn!!!)

I saw the (spiritual) signs, I opened up the D&C, I saw the (spiritual) signs. #danceparty

Drink count – 5


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Ace of Base – The Sign

October 8, 2016


Episode 129: D&C 30 – Section 45 Part 2

Episode 129: D&C 30 – Section 45 Part 2

Jesus reasserts that he is lord, then there’s talk about the end of days (Michael Bay, please direct the movie of this), and it wraps up with Zion will be The Best Place Ever. None of this has anything to do with the false reports and foolish stories that caused this revelation to be brought forth, so mostly I’m confused.

Drink count – 10


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October 1, 2016


Episode 128: Ft Collins Temple

Episode 128: Ft Collins Temple

On September 10, 2016 I visited the Ft Collins Temple with my friend Chad. This is our audio diary.

Official Ft Collins Temple photographs are here – https://www.lds.org/church/news/see-inside-new-fort-collins-colorado-temple-opening-for-tours-august-19?lang=eng

To read more about the process used to build a Mormon temple, read this article – http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/mormon-temple-building-process

The George W. Bush presidential library is in Dallas, TX. Much like touring a Mormon temple, pre-game before you enter. https://www.georgewbushlibrary.smu.edu/

Napoleon’s Sarcophagus is at Les Invalides in Paris. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Invalides

New Belgium Brewing are the makers of Fat Tire Beer. http://www.newbelgium.com/Brewery

Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant in Denver. www.CasaBonitaDenver.com

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September 24, 2016


Episode 127: D&C 29 – Section 45 Part 1

Episode 127: D&C 29 – Section 45 Part 1

Mormons who make the news tend to be the worst examples of Mormonism! The only thing we learn in this section is that headers can be super awkward when they’re full of ellipses.


“Drink!” count – 9, or about a beer and a half.

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John the Revelator – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pcRCS8Uy5w

September 18, 2016


Episode 126: Listener Mail and Patreon Rewards

Episode 126: Listener Mail and Patreon Rewards

Marie tests her audio editing skills with her first ever listener mail episode. Plus, new Patreon rewards are available for your perusal over at patreon.com/mybookofmormonpodcast

7 drinks, or about 1 beer


Music by Kevin MacLeod at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kevin_MacLeod/Classical_Sampler/Running_Fanfare

Andy Cohen at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Andy_G_Cohen/Layers_1240/Andy_G_Cohen_-_08_-_Scramby_Eggs

September 14, 2016


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September 10, 2016


Episode 125: D&C 28 – Section 44

Episode 125: D&C 28 – Section 44

Joseph lets us know that God will be with the believers at a meeting that will occur in June. Marie and Bryce accidentally discuss the Pony Express, then discuss our interactions with and views of modern day Mormonism.

4 drinks, so you’d be better off doing shots rather than waste half a beer.

Sound of Cylons

Marie’s interview with Cass and Bob will be up on http://www.everyonesagnostic.com/ in mid-September 2016.

Marie’s friend Marie has a swear-filled podcasted called Fresh Out. Hear her stories of leaving behind unreal expectations imposed on us by others, by religion, by culture, or by ourselves. http://freshouttruestory.podbean.com/

Foster Kittens on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/foster_kittens/?hl=en

Intro Music by Andy G. Cohen. “Scramby Eggs” from the album Layers (EP). http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Andy_G_Cohen/Layers_1240/

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September 4, 2016


Episode 124: D&C 26 – Section 43

Episode 124: D&C 26 – Section 43

Revelators gonna revelate, so listen only to Joseph the Revelator. Marie and Bryce do their best God Voices, and Mean Jesus doesn’t want you to have a good time.


13 drinks, or about two beers.

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Read the LDS churches’ explanation about D&C revisions/adjustments at

August 28, 2016


Episode 123: D&C 26 – Section 42 Part 3

Episode 123: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 3

Women are part of this section!!!! Don’t worry, it’s all negative. Peer pressure is a thing, much in the way that logical narrative flow isn’t. 5 drinks, or one beer if you take big swigs (recommended).


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August 21, 2016


Episode 122: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 2

Episode 122: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 2

In today’s episode of victim-blaming, it’s all your fault because you don’t have enough faith. If you’re in 1831 you learn about allocating space for newcomers, if you’re in 2013 or later you learn that you get one free pass, then you have to stop your adulterous ways. I wish I was kidding.

13 drinks, or about 2 beers.


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August 14, 2016


Episode 121: D&C 24 – Section 42 Part 1

Episode 121: D&C 24 – Section 42 Part 1

Ownership, 1831 Edition: All ur stuff are belong to the bishop. Ownership, 2013 Edition: All ur excess stuff are belong to the church for the benefit of the poor, occasionally, if it works out that way. 10 drinks, or approximately 2 beers.


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Check out authorship attribution on slide 185 at http://mormonleaks.com/library/episode-06/#

August 7, 2016


Episode 120: D&C 23 – Section 39-41

Episode 120: D&C 23 – Section 39-41

God’s strength is affirmed when he assures James Covel that moving to Ohio will be a 100% success, then Satan swoops in and tempts Covel right outta there. Joseph and Sidney get revelated into nicer houses. It’s good to be in charge! 19 drinks, or about three beers.

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July 31, 2016

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Episode 119: D&C 22 – Section 38

Episode 119: D&C 22 – Section 38

God commands Joseph to bring his people from Fayette, NY to Ohio, despite it being around 20F/-6C and windy outside. Marie and Bryce have an attack of empathy after Joseph’s followers are commanded to leave all their worldly possessions behind so they can live as sharecroppers on a rich guys’ land. God decides to withhold anything good from his followers just in case they might one day become prideful and need to be exterminated. 14 drinks, or about 2 beers, which frankly, isn’t nearly enough for this sobfest.


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July 24, 2016


Episode 118: D&C 36-37

Episode 118: D&C 36-37

Two quickie revelations ensure that a local rich dude feels extra special, and that a Bible translation is paused due to impending church migration from NY to OH. Marie and Bryce rejoice in finishing these revelations so quickly, then take a turn for the dark when Marie rants about how the primary spiritual gift for women sometimes kills them.

Four drinks, or less than one beer, but I think you should just take big swigs.


To read along with us, go here: http://joelakuhn.com/dc-compare/

July 17, 2016


Episode 117 D&C 35

Episode 117 D&C 35

Marie and Bryce learn that rampant pronoun use is incredibly confusing and eventually suss out that Sydney Rigdon will replace Oliver Cowdery as Joseph Smith’s scribe, but first Marie can’t resist geeking out about Lu La Roe clothing. The terrible line spacing and punctuation differences between the original and current versions of chapter/section 35 lower the readability and increase the fun! Seven drinks, or approximately one beer.


July 11, 2016


Episode 116 D&C 34

Episode 116 D&C 34

BREAKING NEWS, yet another guy is sent forth into the wilderness to preach the gospel. We also have a brief discussion of blood moons and Stargate SG-1, because astronomy is cool. A measly seven drinks, or approximately one beer.

July 3, 2016


Episode 115 D&C 32-33

Episode 115 D&C 32-33

This is an odd set of revelations. The first one is addressed to Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson, telling them to go preach to the Natives on the border with the Lamanites in Missouri. The second one is addressed to Northrop Sweet and Ezra Thayre, telling them to go preach to the Natives on the border with the Lamanites in Missouri; but, the second one is WAAAAAY BETTER!!! The first section is 5 verses long and ends with a pathetic 1 “Drink!” while the second section talks about thrusting sickles, filling open mouths, and referencing the Book of Mormon, all while nearly murdering our livers with 21 “Drinks!” Why would these two revelations be telling different people to do the same thing, yet sound so different in doing so?


“Drink!” count – 21

June 12, 2016


Episode 114: D&C 17 – Section 30-31

Episode 114: D&C 17 – Section 30-31

To get us started, a bunch of different revelations to the Whitmer brothers are combined into one. David is told to stick around, while the others are told to go out on a mission. After that, Thomas Marsh is called to be a physician to the church, AND ONLY THE CHURCH, even if that means ignoring the wishes of his family.

“Drink!” Count –12

About 2 beers


June 7, 2016


Episode 113: Introducing Marie!

Episode 113: Introducing Marie!

The show has found a new host, and I couldn’t be happier! I love you already Marie, and can’t wait for you and Bryce to start the next chapter of the show. As a Mymo, I love the wild and crazy journey that we’ve already been through and can’t wait to find out what happens next. Thank you Marie and Bryce for making sure that journey didn’t end. I can guarantee I’ll never miss an episode. All the best.


David Michael, Former Host of the My Book of Mormon Podcast

May 21, 2016


Episode 112: Show Update

Episode 112: Show Update

The time has come for David Michael to say goodbye. Hopefully the show will live on, but sadly, it will have to continue without the original host.

I can’t thank all the Mymos enough for everything you’ve done to make the show what it has become.  You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Have a beer on me


April 25, 2016


Episode 111: D&C 16 – Section 29

Episode 111: D&C 16 – Section 29

In this one we learn all about the many resurrection events in our very near future (literally, any hour!). And then we find out that Jesus only has so many passes into heaven he can give away, so you’d better stay on his good side!

“Drink!” Count –29

About 5 beers


April 11, 2016


Episode 110: D&C 15 – Section 27-28

Episode 110: D&C 15 – Section 27-28

We first learn that Jesus doesn’t really care what you eat or drink during sacrament, as long as you’re really serious about it. Then we learn all about some evil devil stones that are giving off evil revelations! Finally, we are introduced to our first bonafide mormon missionaries!

“Drink!” Count – 14

Around 3 beers


March 28, 2016


Episode 109: D&C 14 – Section 24-26

Episode 109: D&C 14 – Section 24-26

Right out of the gate, god confirms that Joe did indeed write the Book of Mormon himself (turns out it wasn’t Mormon writing it after all!). But then things start looking up for Joe when he is told by the big man upstairs that he doesn’t actually have to work anymore. Then we get our first revelation given directly to a woman, and it’s pretty much as misogynistic as you’d expect.

“Drink!” Count – 15

Around 3 beers


March 14, 2016


Episode 108: D&C 13 – Section 21-23

Episode 108: D&C 13 – Section 21-23

Ever wondered what a cult looks like when it’s first born? Well you’re in luck because we get to watch a real life cult birth (and it ain’t pretty)!

“Drink!” Count – 22

Around 4 beers


March 7, 2016


Episode 107: D&C 12 – Section 20

Episode 107: D&C 12 – Section 20

First of all, sorry that this one came out a week late, I promise to catch up next week. Anyway, here we get to the long awaited Section 20! Ever wanted to know that exact words to say during a baptism that can never ever be altered? (Spoiler alert, they’re already altered) Or hear David stumble his way through a sacrament blessing? Well then you’re in for a good one. Oh yeah, and this is the longest episode this show has ever released (oops).

“Drink!” Count – Basically none

February 14, 2016


Episode 106: D&C 11 – Section 19

Episode 106: D&C 11 – Section 19

This one starts out a bit confusing as even the D&C itself can’t figure out when Section 19 was actually written (or should I say, “Revelated”). Then Christ goes into a full on rap battle, with himself. And of course, we learn how much god is ready to exquisitely punish Martin Harris if he doesn’t give Joe all his earthly possessions.

“Drink!” Count – 17

Around 3 beers


And thank you to everyone that voted for the show in the 2015 Brodie Awards! The show took the Brodie for “Best Scripture Study Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast (two years in a row!)


February 1, 2016


Episode 105: D&C 10 – Section 18

Episode 105: D&C 10 – Section 18

God (or Jesus, still not sure which is which) gives some revelating to Joe, David, and Ollie, and basically tells them a bunch of stuff they should already know. Then they get some homework as they have to find 12 superheroes that are going to save all the souls of the earth. And as a final footnote, we find out that women will be allowed in heaven.  Who knew?

“Drink!” Count – 14

About 2 and a half beers


And don’t forget to vote for the show for the 2015 Brodie Awards! My Book of Mormon Podcast has been nominated for two categories: Best Scripture Study Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast Best Scripture-Study Piece.  Voting ends on February 5, 2016, so don’t delay!

Vote here, and thanks in advance! 2015 Brodie Awards

January 18, 2016


Episode 104: D&C 9 – Section 15-17

Episode 104: D&C 9 – Section 15-17

This is just a fun conversation with David and Bryce, with a tiny bit of D&C reading in between.

“Drink!” Count – 7

Just a little over 1 beer


January 4, 2016


Episode 103: D&C 8- Section 11-14

Episode 103: D&C 8 – Section 11-14

In this one, Joe starts getting the hang of ‘revelating’, and he starts handing out revelations to everyone like candy. The only problem is, he’s giving them all the same revelation (womp, womp).  Then we get another mysterious chapter that magically appeared sometime after the original Book of Commandments was published. Let’s see if we can find out how or why it’s there!

“Drink!” Count – 41

About 7 beers


December 21, 2015


Episode 102: D&C 7 – Section 10 (LIVE!)

Episode 102: D&C 7 – Section 10 (LIVE!)

For the first time ever, David and Bryce record live and in person! It’s so moving that even god cries! And, since it’s been a long time since you’ve gotten a “druken episode”, it felt like time to play along to the drinking game (WARNING: Probably unsafe to play along at home).
First, God takes out an insurance policy to proactively damn anyone that messes with those pesky 116 pages. Then, Jesus steps in and goes on and on with his heavenly caller ID until he messes up and makes a statement that proves beyond a doubt that everything we’re reading isn’t true!

“Drink!” Count – 51

Eight and a half beers!


And thanks to all the Mymos that contributed to the 24 Hour Broadcastaton for the Secular Student Alliance! My thanks to Dogma Debate for hosting such a great event every year. I’m honored to have been a part of it.
If you’d like to watch the video of the “Ex-Mormon Hour”, click the link below and skip to the 2-hour mark.

December 7, 2015


Episode 101: D&C 6 – Section 7-9

Episode 101: D&C 6 – Section 7-9

Poor ol’ Oliver. God gives him a gift, then snatches it away. I’m still not sure if he knows what he’s supposed to do. Also, we have some confusion about what the gift was in the first place. It was either some sort of rod, or a male human. See if you can figure it out!

“Drink” Count – 21

3 and a half beers


November 23, 2015


Episode 100: D&C 5 – Section 6

Episode 100: D&C 5 – Section 6

For the 100th episode, we are joined by Chuck and Matt from the ‘Irreligiosophy‘ Podcast. Since they were kind enough to have me on as a guest when the show was just starting out, it was overdue to have them on. In this ‘revelation’ we learn that Oliver is quite gifted, and that’s about it. But there’s plenty of history packed into this one, along with plenty of drinking!

“Drink” Count – 32

About 5 and a half beers


November 9, 2015


Episode 99: D&C 4 – Section 4-5

Episode 99: D&C 4 – Section 4-5

This one is almost 2 hours long (hopefully that’s a blessing and not a curse). It’s like 2 episodes in 1! Anyway, we start out with a message to Ol’ Joe’s dad, and then Martin Harris orders his own revelation from on-demand. And then we find out that the LDS church didn’t really like everything god originally told Joe and had to make some “updates”.

“Drink” Count – 22

Let’s call it 4 beers


October 26, 2015


Episode 98: D&C 3 – Section 2-3

Episode 98: D&C 3 – Section 2-3

Breaking news! We have no officially added ‘Behold’ to the drinking game, which is just in time because without it there would have been no drinks in this whole episode! Section 2 comes and goes in a blink of an eye, and not much is said. Then we get Section 3 which is basically god scolding ol Joe for being stupid enough to lose 114 pages of his ‘sacred work’. Oh, and we also find out which auto insurance company god works for.

“Drink” Count – 5 (Almost one beer)


October 19, 2015


Episode 97: D&C 2 – Section 1

Episode 97: D&C 2 – Section 1

So, God is super pissed off at the humans in this one, but we never really figure out why. And we’re told to obey commandments, but sadly we’re given nothing about what those commandments are.

“Drink” Count – 11

2 Beers


October 12, 2015


Episode 96: D&C 1 – Introduction (with Co-Host Bryce!)

Episode 96: D&C 1 – Introduction

I’m back!! Sorry to all the Mymos for the long wait. But good news, I’m pleased to introduce the show’s new co-host: Bryce Blankenagel from the Naked Mormonism Podcast! I’m so happy to have him on-board!

In this episode Bryce and I unintentionally stumble across some major discrepancies between the original publication of the D&C and the most recent version. Then after a rather comical introduction, we follow Jesus on his tour of the US Northeast and then the Midwest, with some rather odd stops along the way (at one point Jesus is in prison?!?).

September 19, 2015


Episode 95: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories Part 2

Episode 95: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories Part 2

By popular demand, Roman is back! This time we tackle Lehi’s wild dreams, Nephi’s awesome ship building, and Roman even does a live test of the Liahona to see how well it works in real life!

August 17, 2015


Episode 94: Pricey Pearl 11 – Articles of Faith

Episode 94: Pricey Pearl 11 – Articles of Faith

THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE PRICEY PEARL! WOOT!! Basically what happens is that we learn about the checklist of insanity that every Mormon has to swear that they believe. I think there’s only one “article of faith” that I agreed with; the rest are either weird, inexplicable, confusing, or just plain hilarious.

“Drink” Count – BYOB (technically, no drinks)


August 9, 2015


Episode 93: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories (FULL VERSION)

Episode 93: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories (FULL VERSION)

David’s son Roman tackles the children’s version of The Book of Mormon, and he comes to some unique conclusions to describe what in the world is going on. By popular request, this has been made into a standalone episode. Please leave your comments if you’d like to hear more episodes like this.  Enjoy!

WARNING: If you’ve already listened to Episodes 90 & 91, then you won’t find any new content here, this is just Part 1 and 2 compiled together as a standalone episode.

August 9, 2015


Episode 92: Pricey Pearl 10 – History of JS Pt2

Episode 92: Pricey Pearl 10 – History of JS Pt2

This starts off with a big copy/paste from Episode 1, but once we get through that the fun starts. God, the Holy Ghost, and John the Baptist all show up and start handing out priesthoods like candy. Then we get to meet some new characters like Martin, Oliver, the Professor, and Mary Ann (ok fine, not Mary Ann), and they’ve got some tales to tell too.

“Drink” Count – BYOB (technically, no drinks)


August 3, 2015


Episode 91: Pricey Pearl 9 – History of JS & Roman Pt2

Episode 91: Pricey Pearl 9 – History of JS & Roman Pt2

What could be more fun than listening to the young Joseph Smith whining about how much people picked on him for babbling on about visions? Well, maybe another clip of the very popular Roman taking a crack at the Book of Mormon Stories!

“Drink” Count – 1

This one isn’t exactly a “drinking episode”


July 27, 2015


Episode 90: Pricey Pearl 8 – Matthew & Special Guest Roman

Episode 90: Pricey Pearl 8 – Matthew & Special Guest Roman

This one starts out with Ol’ Joe’s re-translation of a chapter of Matthew from the Bible. It’s pretty pointless, but we make it through. Then, we’re joined by a very special guest who makes everything so much more entertaining!

“Drink” Count – 3

Not even half a beer.  Better make em shots!


July 20, 2015


Episode 89: Pricey Pearl 7 – Abraham 4-5

Episode 89: Pricey Pearl 7 – Abraham 4-5

Yet another telling of the Genesis creation story, but this time with even more gods! Then thankfully we’re joined by Prophets Fat Joe and Lil Wayne to help finish up The Book of Abraham.

“Drink” Count – 12

2 lovely beers


July 13, 2015


Episode 88: Pricey Pearl 6 – Abraham 2-3 (Kolob?!?)

Episode 88: Pricey Pearl 6 – Abraham 2-3 (Kolob?!?)

I don’t know what else to say. Kolob is a real thing. I’m still in shock. You’ve just got to hear this one to believe it.

“Drink” Count – 4

Not even an entire beer (but plenty of insanity)


July 6, 2015


Episode 87: Pricey Pearl 5 – Moses 8-Abraham 1

Episode 87: Pricey Pearl 5 – Moses 8-Abraham 1

We finish up The Book of Moses and then jump right into The Book of Abraham. Oh, and there’s an Egyptian third grader’s art class homework in between. And sadly, the racism and misogyny just keeps getting layered on more and more.

“Drink” Count – 9

Just a beer and a half


And don’t forget to check out my interview with John Dehlin from the Mormon Stories podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngomGsqa4l0

June 29, 2015


Episode 86: Pricey Pearl 4 – Moses 7

Episode 86: Pricey Pearl 4 – Moses 7

Enoch gets whisked away to heaven and to watch the trailer for all of human existence, and it get’s really weird really fast. We get islands emerging from the sea, cities being lifted up to the heavens, mountains running away, rivers changing course, fires, floods and (and I swear I’m not making this up) giants! But then it takes mormon racism to a whole new level. So be prepared for some pretty hateful text, this chapter isn’t pretty.

“Drink” Count – 19

A litter over 3 beers


June 22, 2015


Episode 85: Pricey Pearl 3 – Moses 6

Click to Listen: Episode 85: Pricey Pearl 3 – Moses 6

So, we get to meet this slow talking seer guy named Enoch, who, it turns out, everybody hates. But Enoch doesn’t seem to care that much since his boyfriend is god (yeah, that’s kinda what it sounded like!). God decides to teach all those haters a lesson so he creates the one and only hell as a place to send them (that’ll teach em!). Then we jump back in time and some god spirit baptizes Adam and then tells him about how cool that Jesus dude is.

“Drink” Count – 6

Another single measley beer


I’ll see everyone in Salt Lake City on June 25!


June 15, 2015


Episode 84: Pricey Pearl 2 – Moses 4-5

Click to Listen: Episode 84: Pricey Pearl 2 – Moses 4-5

First we learn that Satan had a waaaaay better plan for the Earth than Jesus ever did. Next, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, but upon reflection, did they really have a choice? Then Cain kills Abel, but again, can you blame him? Then all of humanity turns against God, what a shocker.

“Drink” Count – 6

1 measley beer


I’ll see everyone in Salt Lake City on June 25!