Patron Bonus Eps

All financial supporters of the show can get access to bonus episodes over at  Here’s the comprehensive list of bonus episodes thus far.

2/17/18: Missionary update (are we done?)

2/10/18: Thoughts on death and survival in Haun’s Mill

2/3/18: Seattle vacation!!!!

1/27/18: All About Uchtdorf (and presidential politics)

1/20/18: Marie’s call to action letter to her bishop was returned (Refused!) and she’s not happy about it

1/13/18: Bryce visits FLDS (Warren Jeffs) territory – After

1/5/18: Bryce visits FLDS (Warren Jeffs) territory – Before

12/30/17: Frackin’ Bad Movies 2 – A Work of God

12/16/17: Windows in classroom doors – a call to action!

12/9/17: Marie dishes to Bryce about her full church experience

12/2/17: OMFG I went to church and it was three hours long wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy…..

11/26/17: Marie and the Craigslist guy spend a week texting.

11/11/17: The Craigslist Encounters Mormon personals ad for no-strings-attached shenanigans????

11/4/17: Missionary Visit #6 – We tour the local ward house with the missionaries

10/28/17: Missionary Visit #5 – The Drive-by Visit

10/21/17: Alma Restaurant

10/14/17: Mythinformation 2017 Redux

10/7/17: Ark Encounter, because you can’t stop with just the Creation Museum

9/30/17: Creation Museum!!! 

9/16/17: Did you know Joseph had multiple leg surgeries? I sure didn’t. Ouch, y’all, ouch.

9/8/17: Joseph could never do my day job. 

9/1/17: Interview with Dr. Luffman, The Redux

8/26/17: Missionary Visit #4 – That Time I Mentioned My Podcast

8/19/17: Frakking Bad Movies Episode 1: Time or Eternity?

8/11/17: Sister Missionaries visit me for the third time 


7/22/17: Game plan for talking to sister missionaries

7/15/17: That time Marie was a missionary for a summer in high school

7/8/17: Redux of my Word of Wisdom discussion with sister missionaries


6/24/17: Marie reviews the Missionary Handbook

6/17/17: I got stood up by missionaries.

6/10/17: Marie and Bryce ponder their evolving opinions of religion

6/3/17: What the heck is a Bishopric? 

5/27/17: Church – How Does It Work?

5/20/17: On Podcasting and Blocking

5/13/17: ReasonCon Redux

4/29:17: Heaven and Hell (according to a Baptist youth speaker from 1995)

4/22/17: Mn Mormon Chorale (Easter!)

4/15/17: So Touching – a review of a church antimasturbation video

4/1/17: A Baptist talks about baptism for the dead

3/25/17: All about the JST

3/18/17: I accidentally went to a memorial service for my area Stake President

3/11/17: FEELS about church rejection

3/4/17: Define “Family”, a review of Family, A Proclamation to the World

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