Drinking Game/Swag

Drinking Game

Grab the beverage of your choice and play the drinking game as you listen! Reading religious texts can be a slog, so why not inebriate/dehydrate/caffeinate yourself along the way? Every time you hear one of these key words, take a drink:

  • Yea
  • Verily
  • And it came to pass…
  • Behold

Drink responsibly, everyone!

Want to drink from an official show pint glass? Worried you might spill your drink and ruin your coffee table? Pint glasses and drink coasters are available on a sliding scale!

16oz Glass: $20 – $30 per glass (includes shipping)

Email Marie at comments@mybookofmormonpodcast.com to order



Set of 4 Coasters: $15 – $25 (includes shipping)

Email Marie at comments@mybookofmormonpodcast.com  to order.

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Coasters and pint glasses printed by Simple Grace Promotions, Inc.



Ph: 612-759-1807

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