August 17, 2019


CC 132-133: SDCC #1

Supreme Directional Control Controversy #1

Fred M becomes the prophet, and immediately things go awry. He micromanages, he gives his wife biological specimens, he throws down during general conference. It’s the first of six controversies!!!!


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Patron Bonus – Sunstone 2019

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NPR article about surgery on a boat

Historical Amnesia : Corporate Identity and Collective Memory, the doctoral dissertation by Dr. Kenneth Mulliken

Rubber suits during baptism

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August 3, 2019


CC 131: Rest in Peace, JS III

CC 131: Rest in Peace, JS III

An era comes to a close as the son of the prophet passes away of old age. Let’s recap his life and read his final revelation. Suspicious that his final words from God sound a lot like everything Fred M. wants, eh?


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Lyman Wight’s recollection of Joseph Smith Jr passing the torch to his son

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July 27, 2019

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CC 130: A Shift in Tone

CC 130: A Shift in Tone

Prophet Emeritus Joseph Smith III suddenly sounds an awful lot like his son, Fred M. It’s shocking how much the divine will of god aligns with the mortal will of Fred M. This does not bode well.


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Isaac White

J.W. Wight

Joseph R Lambert

Wiliam M Aylor

“The Apostolic Office”, by Paul Hanson


July 20, 2019


CC 129: Dissent!!!

CC 129: Dissent!!!

R. C. Evans is ousted from the presidency and he is NOT happy about it. He’s replaced with “just another Smith”.


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Section 129

Pretender to the Throne: R.  C. Evans and the Problem of Presidential Succession

Bertha Madison Smith

Roger Launius, NASA historian

Elbert A. Smith (a grandson)

J.F. Curtis

July 13, 2019


CC 128: Zion Is Calling

CC 128: Zion is Calling

Fred M.’s influence grows ever stronger. The church is (slowly and thoughtfully) on the move from rural everywhere to Independence, MO. Saints are advised to migrate only after they’ve secured a job and housing, and to integrate kindly with their neighbors.


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Mormon Extermination Order

The Stone Church (historical)

The Stone Church (today)

July 6, 2019


CC 127: The women (try to) speak

CC 127: The women (try to) speak

The church is in transition from the founders to the next generation. Fred M is named the successor to JS 3.0, money isn’t enough for all the things, and are children or old people more important? Discuss.


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Health Ministries in the RLDS Church

Independence Sanatorium

Ennovation Center

Mite to Bishop

Emma Burton is a Queen (her husband’s biography)

June 29, 2019

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CC 126: JS 3.0 has a vision

CC 126: JS 3.0 has a vision

Joseph Smith III has a vision. Happily, it streamlines responsibilities within the church and nominates people to leadership positions. It’s official canon… but not everyone believed so at the time.


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List of the Presiding Patriarchs

Richard P Howard

James Caffall

Edmund C Briggs

R.C. Evans

Francis Sheehy

Cornelius Butterworth

John Rushton


June 22, 2019




It’s 1901, and the differences between RLDS and LDS are big enough to warrant a full-on comparison. What does the two factions believe? How does the afterlife work? Which is the One True Church?


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Community of Christ (formerly RLDS) vs LDS

June 15, 2019


CC 125: Do What I Say Because I Say So

CC 125: Do What I Say Because I Say So

The church is at a turning point. Should their money go to the newly-begun Graceland College? What about strengthening their existing membership? Missionary work?

Joseph 3.0 solves it all by taking a turn from Common Consent to Divine Revelation, but in a nice way, not an authoritarian dictator sort of way.


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Gomer T Griffiths

History of Graceland

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June 1, 2019


CC 123-124: The Q12 is Fulfilled

CC 123-124: The Q12 is Fulfilled

The Q12 is being fully filled, not just on paper, but in reality. Sure, we could focus on the formality and the procedure. Nope! There’s human drama all over the place. Much for fun to focus on that.


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Presiding Patriarchs

E. L. Kelley

William W. Blair

William H Kelley

Isaac White

J. W. Wight

R. C. Evans



May 25, 2019


CC 122: Be Kind

CC 122: Be Kind

Be nice to each other!!! For real, just be nice. All this administrative stuff is important, and boring.


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Temple Lot Case

Thomas W Smith

Joseph Bazalgette, the sewer architect

The Great Stink



May 18, 2019


CC 121: Joseph’s Younger Brother

CC 121: Joseph’s Younger Brother

On the surface, this is all some administration and encouragement for unity and peace. Just underneath, two members of the Q12 flounce away while Joseph Smith 3.0’s younger brother, David, is committed to a hospital for the insane.


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David H. Smith, the youngest son of the Prophet and Emma

From Mission to Madness: Last Son of the Mormon Prophet, by Valeen Tippetts Avery

The Sweet Singer of Israel, Deseret News

Northern Illinois Hospital for the Insane

The Temple Lot Court Case(s)

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May 11, 2019


CC 119: Organize the Reorganization

CC 119: Organize the Reorganization

Sometimes you just have to write out the boring church policies. Slog through it with us. Please? It’s real boring, but we’re interesting. Promise. Oh god, go get a drink and chug.


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Alexander H Smith

May 4, 2019


CC 119: No, we are the OTHER Mormons

CC 119: No, we are the OTHER Mormons

The RLDS drama is so small in comparison to the Brighamite LDS shenanigans of polygamy/theocracy. A few of the leadership flounce away, basically peacefully, a few others pass away. JS 3.0 gently chides the Saints in matters of ceremony.


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Wikipedia on The Quorum of the Twelves Apostles

Read about Gurley Jr’s snit with JS 3.0 

RIP, Josiah Ells


April 27, 2019


CC 118: Our Motto is Peace

CC 118: Our Motto is Peace

The church is a bit too scattered, consensus isn’t quite where it needs to be. JSIII calls his flock back together. Time to solidify the base.


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JSIII and the Kirtland Temple Lawsuit

And the article about that lawsuit is here

Community of Christ, An Illustrated History


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April 20, 2019


CC 117: Show Up and Be Heard

CC 117: Show Up and Be Heard

RLDS struggles with how to maintain a foundation in Joseph Smith while also distinguishing themselves from Joseph Smith’s actions.


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Council of the 12 Apostles

The Changing RLDS Reponse to Mormon Polygamy

Daniel B Rasey

The Oshkosh Northwestern

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint: 1844-1872


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Read along with us, CC 117


April 13, 2019


CC 115-116: Ceasing to Discriminate

CC 115-116: Ceasing to Discriminate

William Marks is called to the presidency. Joseph Smith III ceases to discriminate against “the Negro race” by instituting a separate but equal clause.


Listen to Marie’s work wife point out the obvious racism by supporting the show at


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Emancipation Proclamation

William Marks

Jim Tankersley interview on Pres. Buchanan


April 6, 2019

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Joseph Smith III Comes to the Reorganization

Joseph Smith III Comes to the Reorganization

Drink every time Bryce says “Different!”

Joseph Smith III offers his leadership to the newly-founded RLDS church, and immediately differentiates himself from his father and particularly from Brigham Young. The initial revelation sets up a system of tithing.

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Joseph Smith III acceptance speech is here.

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March 23, 2019


The Schism Crisis, with John Hamer

The Schism Crisis, with John Hamer

Historian John Hamer of the Community of Christ joins Bryce to talk about the Schism Crisis. Joseph Smith’s assassination left a power void, one that Brigham Young filled for the saints who moved to Utah. The ones who stayed reorganized under Joseph Smith, III on April 6, 1860.


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John C. Hamer’s wikipedia page

The Perils of Occam’s Razor

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March 16, 2019

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King Follett Discourse, Not A Eulogy?

King Follett Discourse, Not A Eulogy?

We wrap up the King Follett Discourse and it’s all about the man who passed away, oh wait it’s still mostly about Joseph Smith. We get the source phrases for No Man Knows My History, and Infants on Thrones.


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March 9, 2019


King Follett Discourse, Infinite Regression of Gods

King Follett Discourse, Infinite Regression of Gods

Marie’s inherent belief structure gets tossed to the wind as we delve into the infinite regression of gods. The Plan of Salvation is involved, sort of.


Fair Mormon’s non-answer to the god regression is here.

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March 2, 2019

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King Follett Discourse, It Begins

King Follett Discourse, It Begins

King Follett died in 1844 when a bucket of rocks fell on his head while he was helping dig a well. Joseph Smith spoke at his funeral, for hours, and 4+ people wrote notes of his speech. Let’s read it!


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The church’s official information is here

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FBM 7: Reign of Judges – Title of Liberty

February 23, 2019


NCR 8: Two repeats and an arson attempt

NCR 8: Two repeats and an arson attempt

We’ve heard the first two before! The second one is a treasure trove of little-heard stories.


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Patron-only bonus: Deep thoughts on feedback

Read the full text at

The death of Alvin Smith

Joseph Smith’s feelings on doctors, April 1843

Mormon Political Involvement in Ohio


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February 2, 2019


NCR 5: Enochian, Paper, and $$$

NCR 5: Enochian, Paper, and $$$

Maybe Joseph was trying to speak Enochian? He definitely was having money problems.


Sample of Pure Language

Printing press page purchases

Reserve $3,000 (somehow)


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January 12, 2019


Non-Canon Revelation 2: Early 1830 – Go to Canada

Non-Canon Revelation 2: Early 1830 – Go to Canada

Joseph Smith commands his inner circle to take his not-yet-published Book of Mormon and sell the copyright up in Canada. That copyright was never sold, so this revelation was never printed.


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January 5, 2019


Non-Canon Revelation 1: June 1829

Non-Canon Revelation 1: June 1829

Welcome apostates back into the church, because YOU could be the reason they rededicate themselves to the faith. Sidney Rigdon writes Oliver Cowdery out of history with a few scribbles of his greedy little pen.


Bonus episode: What should I do when I see pornography?

December 22, 2018


The Comments Section

The Comments Section

We all need a break from theology, eh? Here’s a sampling of feedback we’ve gotten in the comments section, Facebook, and email.


Patron Bonus – State of the Podcast 2018

December 15, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 7, Part 2

Lectures on Faith: Section 7, Part 2

Sidney Rigdon asserts that sufficient faith can do all things, while also making some deeply offensive statements about child mortality.

Final grade of the Lectures on Faith: D–

Drink count – enough to get you through this


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December 8, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 7, Part 1

Lectures on Faith: Section 7, Part 1

The episode that straw-mans itself. Faith is the true principle of theology, the gasoline that powers the universe, the source of all truth.


Drink count – 1

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December 1, 2018

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Lectures on Faith: Section 6

Lectures on Faith: Section 6

You’ll know you’re in the right path when you know you’re following God’s will, but this won’t tell you specifically how to know you know. Definitely be a martyr for your god. Does it matter if other people are injured or killed because you won’t deny your god? Nope! Their needs don’t matter, only you not denying a god you probably aren’t entirely certain if you’re following correctly.

This gets real dark, real quick.

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November 17, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 4

Lectures on Faith: Section 4

Knowledge, faith/power, justice, judgement, mercy, truth. By a little reflection it will be seen, that the idea of the existence of these attributes in the Deity, is necessary to enable any rational being to exercise faith in him.

Yeah. Sure. Let’s go with that.

Patron bonus – Frakkin’ Bad Movies 4: Lorenzo Returns

November 10, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 2

Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 2

In which we figure out that the Q&A was probably a quick-reference guide for anyone teaching this. You should absolutely read Romans 16, it’s glorious.

Romans Chapter 16, KJV

Drink count – 0

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November 3, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 1

Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 1

God is unchanging. Rational people know it, intelligent people know it, faithful people know it. Or maybe God changes all the time, as evidenced by The Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the D&C.


Drink count – 1 (so make it count)


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Patron Bonus – Bryce got engaged!!!!

October 27, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Historical context w/ Gottfried The Hirsute

Lectures on Faith: Historical context w/ Gottfried The Hirsute

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is Sidney Rigdon. Long-time listener of the show Gottfried The Hirsute joins us to give a greater context for why Sidney, we mean Joseph Smith, wrote the Lectures on Faith.

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October 20, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 2

Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 2

Oh dear Heavenly Father, why is there so much repetition?? Why, Joseph Smith, why???

Drink count – 4

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Patron Bonus – Will Marie start a new podcast???

October 13, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 1

Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 1

The only thing more entertaining than a rehashing of the creation story is to read genealogies.

Drink count – 6


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October 6, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 1

Lectures on Faith: Section 1

Faith is the foundation of all things, obviously. Without faith, literally nothing else exists!!! Pay no attention to the obvious flaws in these statements.

*waves hands in a distracting fashion*


Drink count – 2


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September 29, 2018

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The Family: A Proclamation to the World

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

President Gordon B. Hinckley presented this gem during a speech to the General Relief Society Meeting on September 23, 1995. Boy howdy, it’s a doozy.


Drink when you can’t stand it anymore.

September 22, 2018


Ep 224: Official Declaration 2

Ep 224: Official Declaration 2

Church leadership was powerless – POWERLESS – to change their extremely racist policy. After a bunch of petitioning, god changed his mind about black people.

Drink count – 6

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Patreon Bonus – The Interfaith Chapel

September 15, 2018


Ep 223: Official Declaration 1

Ep 223: Official Declaration 1

Wilford Woodruff writes a memo to the Saints, which then has to be followed up with a few “No, seriously, we mean it!” lectures. Refrain from polygamy because OMG, what if the government takes all our stuff???


Drink count – around 5


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September 8, 2018


Ep 222: D&C 111 – Section 138

Ep 222: D&C 111 – Section 138

Pres. Joseph F. Smith has a dream in 1918 and behold (drink!) it did bring unto him a revelation from God. Or it’s D&C fanfic from an old guy nearing the end of his days. You be the judge.

Drink count – 2

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Patron Bonus – Protect LDS Children/McKenna Denson

September 1, 2018


Ep 221: D&C 110 – Section 137

Ep 221: D&C 110 – Section 137

Throwback to before the Kirtland Temple Dedication! Joseph lets you know that you definitely need this temple because ordinances, and do those ordinances so your ancestors have the chance to get into heaven.

Head over to the Twitters to vote on where we take the show next!


Patron Bonus – How *you* doin’?

August 25, 2018

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Ep 220: D&C 109 – Section 136

Ep 220: D&C 109 – Section 136

It’s winter in Omaha Nation/future Iowa and Brigham Young has a plan. Gather your things and prepare to head to Mexico/future Utah. There may be room for some of your possessions, there won’t be much room for food.

Drink count – 2

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Bonus Episode – Studio Hallway Closet is no more

August 18, 2018


Ep 219: D&C 108 – Section 135

Joseph and Hyrum Smith are deceased, and we all need a solid emotional outburst in response. Grab your pint of ice cream and your favorite spoon, it’s time to eat/talk our feelings.
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August 11, 2018

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Sunstone 2018 Presentation

Cover to Cover, Inside and Out (Sunstone 2018 Presentation)

Sunstone Symposium 2018 has graciously given us permission to broadcast our presentation at this year’s conference. If you’d like to listen to other presentations, they are available for purchase at


Bonus episode – Behind the Scenes of the Presentation