CC 153: Faith of our fathers

January 4, 2020


CC 153: Faith of our fathers

W. Wallace Smith officially retires, Wallace B. Smith takes over. It goes smoothly, except for the 15%-25% of the congregation who Does Not Believe. Or more it’s that they believe in the fundamentals and their new progressive leader.

Read along with us here 

Read about the presidency of Wallace B Smith here

Listen to the patron-exclusive bonus episode here


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One Comment on “CC 153: Faith of our fathers”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    ma·zel tov
    /ˈmäzəl ˌtôv,ˌtôf/

    a Jewish phrase expressing congratulations or wishing someone good luck.

    from modern Hebrew mazzāl ṭōḇ, literally ‘good star’.

    Thanks, Google.


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