I’m Marie Kent, and I took over the show from David in June 2016. I’m a computer programmer by day and continue to be a nerd by night. I was raised Baptist and have since left Christianity. Much like David, I find religion fascinating. How is it that so many people believe they’ve found the ‘right’ god, yet that version of god changes so drastically? Why is it important enough to fight wars over? Should it be?

No idea. Let’s find out together.


My name is David Michael.  For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by religion and religious beliefs.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve never had faith in any religious worldview myself, but I’ve always struggled to understand why people believe what they believe.

In order to better understand, I’ve read the Bible cover to cover, large portions of the Qur’an (or Koran), and a variety of other religious texts.  Unfortunately, reading those books have only confused me more as it is amazing to me that anyone would take them seriously considering what they actually have to say.

One religious book I haven’t tackled yet, however, is The Book of Mormon.  I am going to read it, but this time I’ll be recording myself as I read and as I learn.  I hope that all of you find this a more interesting way to learn what’s in this book.  I also hope that you find my humor and criticism both helpful and entertaining.


The music featured in the Podcast is used with permission.


What shall we give?” Arranged by Mack Wilberg, English text by David Warner
© Oxford University Press 2001
Assigned to Oxford University Press 2010
Licensed by Permission of CopyCat Music Licensing, LLC, obo Oxford University Press
All Rights Reserved.

A free download of the song is available from The Mormon Tabernacle Choir at:


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