Marie’s Spirit Prison (Articles of Faith (and Doctrine))

January 11, 2020


Marie’s Spirit Prison (Articles of Faith (and Doctrine))

It’s time for some context to the 1980 proto-schism in RLDS. The Epitome of Faith and Doctrine is exactly the same as the Articles of Faith, just rebranded.

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2 Comments on “Marie’s Spirit Prison (Articles of Faith (and Doctrine))”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    Eh, most of the stuff I held on to, from childhood are lyrics to Weird Al songs and dialogue from cartoons. I can’t remember how to do long division, but I can sure quote you the entire Unicron reformatting sequence from Transformers the Movie.


  2. Jeff Says:

    Catching up through the backlog. This episode was a nice nostalgic breath of fresh air compared to the more-than-a-century-of-staffing-changes revelations you’ve had to read. Even though the material was the same as an old David Michael episode, the viewpoint was completely different. I don’t know what you have planned for when you finally run out of CoC revelations, but if this episode is any indication, I honestly wouldn’t mind hearing the Book of Mormon again with you two, as I’m sure you’d focus on completely different things than David Michael did. (Plus I’d be curious to hear how much Marie remembers and/or has been misspelling in her head the whole time, like the Hill Gomorrah/Cumorah thing.)


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