CC 142: A series of bad looks for Dutch

October 19, 2019


CC 142: A series of bad looks for Dutch

Prophet-President Israel “Dutch” Smith starts making tours of the Pacific and Europe to meet the members of his church. Or, from another perspective, he uses the church as an excuse to travel, get fancy gadgets installed on his car, and watch baseball. It’s all a matter of perspective.


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John Garver

Gentle Monarch, by Norma Derry Hiles

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One Comment on “CC 142: A series of bad looks for Dutch”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    To be clear, the genetic lineage I mean, is Native American; hair and eye color, eye shape, cheekbones, all that stuff. I actually discussed this with Lindsay Ellis once, as she’s in a similar situation. I’ve seen so many people ask her if she’s part Asian, but both of us grew up in very white households.
    As to why a never-mo would be interested in this stuff, the short answer is I’m a history nerd with a particular interest in religious history, likely borne of when I would end up in arguments with Christians. The long answer is too long to put in a comment section, but it has to do with a friend who moved to California, his ex, a documentary about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and Irreligiousophy.


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