CC 151: Not the Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2019


CC 151: Not the Meeting Minutes

Sweeping changes have been made in core beliefs and how the church teaches theology to the children. Naturally, this revelation mentions literally none of that.

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2 Comments on “CC 151: Not the Meeting Minutes”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    Aw yeah, me and Bryce the iconoclasts.

    I’m still here, though I have taken a break from Naked Mormonism, in part because I discovered The Adventure Zone podcast. I love me some McElroys and the first story arc was really long.


  2. Andrew Says:

    It was interesting to hear two ex-religionists struggle to accept the RLDS approach to the bible. I think you may both come from relatively fundamentalist positions. My roots were in the Anglican/Episcopalian tradition and so it seems perfectly normal to me to adapt a human religious tradition to meet changing times. Even fundamentalists do it – divorce is the obvious example – but they don’t admit to doing it. Its an interesting aspect of humanity that folk tend to like their religious traditions to be top-down and prescriptive. Its even true of some non-religious folk. Ah well.

    The RLDS scriptures may be less than scintillating but your telling of the history of the group is always entertaining. Thanks to you both.


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