CC 138: Hello, Israel.

September 21, 2019


CC 138: Hello, Israel

The revelation is just another staffing change from Fred M. The reality is that nobody likes him and his closest confidantes are quitting. Somehow, despite a lifetime of being treated as Lesser, little brother Israel A. Smith steps in to start the process in becoming the next prophet-president.

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Read along with us here

L.F.P. Curry

Gentle Monarch: The Presidency of Israel A. Smith

Bonus Episode – Russell M. Nelson tells us the November policy was motivated by love. He’s wrong.

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One Comment on “CC 138: Hello, Israel.”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    Well, I finally caught up.
    So you’ve been talking about The Depression and my own history is influenced by that in a weird way. My grandmother, in high school, moved from Arkansas to White Plains, New York because a family member could get her father a job. In school, in White Plains, is where she met my grandfather. He served on a submarine in WWII, then moved to rural Arkansas, to be with her. Which meant a city boy who was trained as an electrician, was now living on a farm.


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