CC 137: Even More Depressioning

September 14, 2019


CC 137: Even More Depressioning

Fred. M’s vision of a literal, physical Zion slips even further from his grasp. Church membership is falling, money is tighter than tight, and WWII is just around the corner.

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C. George Mesley

Arthur Oakman

Charles Hield

Mr. Hield looks pretty fly




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One Comment on “CC 137: Even More Depressioning”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    I got mentioned! =p
    The artwork in question was illustrating a comic that I wrote back in June, well before I started listening to the podcast. Illustrating comic pages means burning through a lot of listening material, because it usually takes about 20 hours to do a page, from rough layout to finished and lettered page.


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