CC 119: No, we are the OTHER Mormons

May 4, 2019


CC 119: No, we are the OTHER Mormons

The RLDS drama is so small in comparison to the Brighamite LDS shenanigans of polygamy/theocracy. A few of the leadership flounce away, basically peacefully, a few others pass away. JS 3.0 gently chides the Saints in matters of ceremony.


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Wikipedia on The Quorum of the Twelves Apostles

Read about Gurley Jr’s snit with JS 3.0 

RIP, Josiah Ells


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2 Comments on “CC 119: No, we are the OTHER Mormons”

  1. Mike Says:

    According to Google, the stress is on the second to last syllable in both words. Also the first time Marie said it, I heard pet ant.


  2. madhousefly Says:

    It’s pronounced “pedant”


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