CC 130: A Shift in Tone

July 27, 2019


CC 130: A Shift in Tone

Prophet Emeritus Joseph Smith III suddenly sounds an awful lot like his son, Fred M. It’s shocking how much the divine will of god aligns with the mortal will of Fred M. This does not bode well.


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Isaac White

J.W. Wight

Joseph R Lambert

Wiliam M Aylor

“The Apostolic Office”, by Paul Hanson


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One Comment on “CC 130: A Shift in Tone”

  1. help4343 Says:

    It was Woodrow Wilson who had a stroke, and his wife screened everything that went to the president for the rest of his term. There is no sacrament at Stake Conference, which was your first LDS church attendance, so I guess you never had.


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