Ep 220: D&C 109 – Section 136

August 25, 2018


Ep 220: D&C 109 – Section 136

It’s winter in Omaha Nation/future Iowa and Brigham Young has a plan. Gather your things and prepare to head to Mexico/future Utah. There may be room for some of your possessions, there won’t be much room for food.

Drink count – 2

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Bonus Episode – Studio Hallway Closet is no more

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One Comment on “Ep 220: D&C 109 – Section 136”

  1. The Mocking Bard Says:

    Awesome episode, as always. I thought for certain that you’d take at least two episodes to cover the succession crisis before moving on in a separate episode to D&C 136, so very nice coverage of the events, concise yet comprehensive.

    However, I do believe Bryce confused Stephen Markham with Nauvoo Stake President William Marks, probably because they have similar last names. Markham followed Brigham Young to Utah, while Marks was involved with the movements led by Rigdon, Strang and a third guy (Charles B. Thomson) before associating with the “Reorganization” (Community of Christ). Markham was one of Joseph’s bodyguards and had been with him in Carthage Jail, allowed by a special pass from the governor to come and go, and therefore was sent by Joseph on errands. An hour and a half before the shooting started, the Carthage Greys drove him off and out of the city, putting him on his horse and jabbing his legs with the points of their bayonets (by his own account, his boots were filled with his blood by the time he rode into Nauvoo). Each, in his own way, was loyal to Joseph by following those they felt were his proper successors.

    As to the question: how could anyone think favorably of Brigham Young? May I recommend taking a look at “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young,” a manual that can be found on LDS.org. This book was used for two years as the 2nd and 3rd Sunday lessons in both adult priesthood classes and Relief Society in the late 1990s (the very first time both men’s and women’s “third hour” curriculum matched). Drawing heavily on “Discourses of Brigham Young” (which, in turn, was excerpted from his sermons in the multivolume “Journal of Discourses”), the manual also used Brigham’s Letterbook, papers, Manuscript History and other sources to give an extensive — minus the controversial — look at the teachings of the man, arranged by topic. This is the Brigham that the faithful have been taught about throughout the years, so it’s not surprising that most practicing members would consider him quite the inspirational leader.

    By the way, as you were referencing the C of C Illustrated History, I realized that they had also given me a copy of that at Sunstone as well, but I hadn’t gotten around to looking at it. So I paused the podcast, dug it out of the stack of books and documents where I had left it, then spent quite some time leafing through it. It took a while before I could pull myself away from it and get back to the podcast, where I then followed along as you read the “‘Re-storying’ History” page from it. A fun, colorful and informative little book!


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