Ep 219: D&C 108 – Section 135

August 18, 2018


Joseph and Hyrum Smith are deceased, and we all need a solid emotional outburst in response. Grab your pint of ice cream and your favorite spoon, it’s time to eat/talk our feelings.
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3 Comments on “Ep 219: D&C 108 – Section 135”

  1. help3434 Says:

    Lying by omission indeed. The church has opened up somewhat when they started publishing the Joseph Smith papers and other things about ten years ago (thought I don’t think these things are talked about in the ward meetings) but there was a time when lying through omission about church history was pretty much church policy. In 1981 Elder Boyd K. Packer gave a now infamous talk to church educators called “The Mantle is far, far greater than the intellect” where he said “There is a temptation for the writer or the teacher of Church history to want to tell everything, whether it is worthy or faith promoting or not. Some things that are true are not very useful.


  2. help3434 Says:

    The one time the Book of Mormon talks about polygamy it explicitly condemns it. The Book of Mormon contains virtually nothing of the unique doctrine Joseph Smith taught during the second half of his leaders ship of the LDS church.


  3. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I feel I’ve been negligent not to more quickly post some imagery for this section.

    Carthage Jail:

    Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith:


    Death masks of Joseph and Hyrum, not the least bit weird:

    John Taylor, author of D&C 135, eventual LDS church president, with yet another rockin’ chinbeard:


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