King Follett Discourse, Infinite Regression of Gods

March 9, 2019


King Follett Discourse, Infinite Regression of Gods

Marie’s inherent belief structure gets tossed to the wind as we delve into the infinite regression of gods. The Plan of Salvation is involved, sort of.


Fair Mormon’s non-answer to the god regression is here.

Read along with us a here


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2 Comments on “King Follett Discourse, Infinite Regression of Gods”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Joe could have had a manic depressive bipolar mental illness. This King Follett discourse seems to have come from someone on a manic high.


  2. ajlcrim (@ajlcrim) Says:

    Never a LDS (I’m not allowed to use the m-word any more am I?) and I have to say the real fascination of the religion is its founder. He may have been as crooked and self-seeking as the current church leadership but you can’t deny that he was a million times more colourful. Shame about all those people he destroyed or damaged on his way tho.

    The KIng Follett discourse is obviously our Joe’s finest hour. I’d heard of it before but its really fun to hear our two hosts go through it in all its remarkable eccentricities.

    Its so different to the plodding Book of Mormon. Almost as if it wasn’t written by the same person. Hang on … I feel a burning in my bosom.

    Keep up the great work Marie and Bryce


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