King Follett Discourse, Not A Eulogy?

March 16, 2019


King Follett Discourse, Not A Eulogy?

We wrap up the King Follett Discourse and it’s all about the man who passed away, oh wait it’s still mostly about Joseph Smith. We get the source phrases for No Man Knows My History, and Infants on Thrones.


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2 Comments on “King Follett Discourse, Not A Eulogy?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    This has almost nothing to do with the King Follett Discourse, but everything to do with a certain segment of the episode: I don’t want to disillusion Marie’s view of Star Trek’s superior morality, but this episode from Voyager exists, where we learn that Native Americans were all stone-age savages until white aliens came down and blessed them with the ability to paint with all the colors of the wind or whatever:

    I mean, it’s no more racist than the Book of Mormon (a low bar to clear, admittedly), but it is out there.


  2. Lee Kalba Says:

    Mentioning that poster, all I can think of is the Bill Hicks “I’m a f***ing ray of sunshine” joke.


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