Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 2

October 20, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 2

Oh dear Heavenly Father, why is there so much repetition?? Why, Joseph Smith, why???

Drink count – 4

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2 Comments on “Lectures on Faith: Section 2, Part 2”

  1. madhousefly Says:

    Let me set the scene: Joseph leads his class into the school of the prophets, and they take to their desks. On each desk is a fresh box of crayons, a ruler, a couple freshly sharpened pencils, some Elmer’s non-toxic white glue, safety scissors, a pad of stickers, you get the picture. Today class, you will be making a timeline of the ancient world while we learn how we know that God is really real! Pay close attention to my lecture while you work, so you can show your parents your pretty timelines on parent-teacher night. Mr Smith proceeds with his lecture, while the pupils eagerly reconstruct the timeline of the patriarchs, focussed fervently on their craft. Little Eddie Partridge is concentrating so hard as he colours a bright blue line with a little glitter-glue that his tongue is peeking out the side of his mouth. As Mr Smith finishes the lesson, he opens the floor to questions so the class can fill in the details they missed during the lecture, and all hands shoot the ceiling. One by one, this patient teacher calls on his students while they ask for the years and ages and details they missed, with each question followed by fervent scribbling as these beautiful timelines get filled in. The next week, the parents are very proud of their good little students as they scan the timelines taped to the wall of the school of the prophets, with bright colours, and star stickers, and finely cut stripes of coloured paper, with the ages and overlap of the patriarchs beaming in glitter glue under the lamplight of the room. One of the pictures lacks any information, and is just a kaleidoscope of colours with the student’s name sloppily scrawled across the bottom. Poor li’l Billy Law, his future apostasy foreshadowed here with his inattention in school.


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