NCR 7: A Song (of Bigfoot)

February 16, 2019


Non-Canon Revelation 7: A Song (of Bigfoot)

Draft 1 of a song via the gift of tongues, translated by Sidney Rigdon, definitely “written” by David W. Patten and not Frederick Williams.


All the links!!!

Song, February 27, 1833

Linda Shelley Whiting, author

David W. Patten’s blessing from Joseph Smith

Bigfoot, in Deseret News

Encyclopedia of Mormonism’s info on David W. Patten

A Selection of Early Mormon Hymnbooks, by Shane Chism


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One Comment on “NCR 7: A Song (of Bigfoot)”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I’m not a TBM, but I was one long enough to give you the most likely TBM explanation for things like why David Patten was called on a mission and killed before he got a chance that’s slightly more specific than “God moves in mysterious ways”: when prophecies are given that aren’t fulfilled, it doesn’t mean that God screwed up, it means that God had a different purpose in giving that revelation than what the revelation actually says. Often TBM’s cite the Abraham/Isaac altar story in defense of this viewpoint (God told Abraham to kill Isaac but he didn’t *really* want Abraham to do it, it was to prove his faith). In this case, it could be justified thusly: God calls David Patten to go on a mission. This calling increases his faith, to the point where he is fervent enough to help kickstart the Mormon/Missouri War, which leads the saints to Nauvoo, which eventually leads them to Salt Lake, where they flourish and grow strong! If God hadn’t made that calling, things could’ve played out differently and the saints would’ve been snuffed out in Missouri or something, and then where would God’s only true church be?!? This a handy “Get Out of False Prophecy Free” card (beyond the “oh, you weren’t righteous enough so the Lord didn’t keep his promise either” guilt-ridden excuse) that can extend to nearly any prophecy/revelation/calling that goes unfulfilled. Boom! Doctrine justified!


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