Ep 210: D&C 106 – Section 133

June 9, 2018


Ep 210: D&C 106 – Section 133

This was originally the appendix/closing of the Book of Commandments. Since the BoC was never fully published, it was included as part of the revelations instead of a separate appendix. It’s the return of Pangea at the end of days, with a brief visit to Canada first. Eternity is singing to god. That god is having a big ol’ tantrum because his creations aren’t paying him enough attention, so watch out or he’ll send you to outer darkness.


Drink Count – 19


The Links

Patron Bonus – Marie vs the Texas accent


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3 Comments on “Ep 210: D&C 106 – Section 133”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    the mention of the Picture Bible reminded me, I was farting around Wal-Mart, waiting on a prescription, when I found something called The Action Bible. It’s a new version of The Picture Bible, with more modern artwork. It reminds me of John Romita Jr, circa 2006. So, there’s something for Marie to look into, at some point.


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