Ep 209: D&C 105 – Section 101 (monogamy)

June 2, 2018


Ep 209: D&C 105 – Section 101 (monogamy, erased)

D&C 101 was in the 1835 and 1844 versions of the D&C… and then was removed. You can’t find it referenced on LDS.org, so it’s almost as if it was *gasp* removed entirely so that it wouldn’t conflict so drastically with modern day D&C 132. Here’s what it says:

You can get married to a non-believer, you’ll just be marked as “weak”. When you get married it should be public and done according to local laws. Your officiant needs to wing it, no writing a ceremony beforehand! Pledge to be monogamous to your hetero spouse. Monogamy is the only option, heterosexuality is the only sexuality, public is the only type of ceremony to be done.

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The Links

Fair Mormon apologist view on D&C 101’s removal

D&C 101 on Joseph Smith Papers

Patron Bonus: Marie joined a Mormon dating site

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6 Comments on “Ep 209: D&C 105 – Section 101 (monogamy)”

  1. Rick Hansen Says:

    This section (101 from the 1835 Edition) is in the Community of Christ Doctrine & Covenants as Section 111.


  2. help3434 Says:

    No, no, marriage sealing are done in a separate, small room. They are not done as a part of endowment ceremony.


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