Lectures on Faith: Section 6

December 1, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 6

You’ll know you’re in the right path when you know you’re following God’s will, but this won’t tell you specifically how to know you know. Definitely be a martyr for your god. Does it matter if other people are injured or killed because you won’t deny your god? Nope! Their needs don’t matter, only you not denying a god you probably aren’t entirely certain if you’re following correctly.

This gets real dark, real quick.

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One Comment on “Lectures on Faith: Section 6”

  1. Gottfried the Hirsute Says:

    Good morning, Marie. I hate to squelch your optimism at the end of the episode, but I texted you that that Lecture 5, not 7, was the main reason for the removal of the Lectures from the D&C. You know, the whole ‘God the Father doesn’t have a physical body which contradicts Joseph Smith’s 1838 First Vision story’ thing. And we can’t have anything that contradicts Joseph – that would make it more difficult to deify him! 😉

    But with regard to Lecture 6, of all the Lectures on Faith it is the one that is still quoted over the pulpit by General Authorities and in official Church publications despite being removed from the canon. The statement “a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has the power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation” is spoken with the same authority as any verse from the Book of Mormon, but usually without citation. Back in my believing days, I could recite it verbatim, but didn’t know the source other than “Joseph taught that…”

    And, back in my believing days, I tried to live up to that standard. I paid tithing before buying food when I was broke. I turned down a dream job that might have required occasional work on Sundays. I spent thousands of hours doing Church callings instead of spending time with my wife or simply enjoying my own life. And I did so willingly because I had ‘faith’ – not “faith” as understood by most of the English-speaking world, but the Mormon redefinition of ‘faith’ to mean ‘unquestioning belief’ (and its corollary, ‘blind obedience”). If you have a doubt, you no longer have (true) ‘faith’ and therefore cannot be saved. Questioning will lead you to apostasy and hell.

    (Jeez, it IS almost impossible to discuss Lecture 6 without going to a dark place!)

    As for Lecture 7, get out your ladders and baskets, ‘cuz we’re a-goin’ cherry pickin’! 😀


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