The Comments Section

December 22, 2018


The Comments Section

We all need a break from theology, eh? Here’s a sampling of feedback we’ve gotten in the comments section, Facebook, and email.


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2 Comments on “The Comments Section”

  1. Joel Says:

    Per Jesus bleeding from every pore, that was totally a thing I grew up with in my nondenominational and baptist churches. It’s even a real thing called hematidrosis, which might gross Marie out. I remember watching a documentary about the death of Jesus at my Catholic grand parents’ house that detailed Jesus bleeding from every pore, so maybe it’s a catholic thing as well? IIRC from Bart Ehrman, most scholars believe the passage was added later, because it’s not found in early manuscripts, and in the rest of Luke, Jesus takes his death unperturbed and in control. Luke is the book where Jesus says “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” like he’s totally chill about it. So it wouldn’t make sense for him to be sweating blood after it just said that an angel came and gave him strength, thus allowing him to calmly receive his death in the following chapter.


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