Ep 215: MofF – The Sin Next To Murder, Part 1

July 21, 2018


Miracle of Forgiveness – The Sin Next to Murder, Part 1

Live show, July 27, 2018! 8pm, Squatter’s on 147 Broadway in SLC

The Miracle of Forgiveness was written by Spencer W. Kimball and has been removed from the approved reading list for missionaries. We’re reading chapter 5, The Sin Next To Murder.

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One Comment on “Ep 215: MofF – The Sin Next To Murder, Part 1”

  1. Lee Kalba Says:

    No joke, Niel Gaimen and Dave McKean taught me how to use a condom. It was a mini-comic that came packed in with another comic that Gaimen wrote, and it was called Death Talks About Life.


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