Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 1

November 3, 2018


Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 1

God is unchanging. Rational people know it, intelligent people know it, faithful people know it. Or maybe God changes all the time, as evidenced by The Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the D&C.


Drink count – 1 (so make it count)


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8 Comments on “Lectures on Faith: Section 3, Part 1”

  1. David Says:

    I can’t seem to access the video. Not sure why. There isn’t the usual link.
    Thanks for all you guys do!


  2. help3434 Says:

    10:30 What does finding and choosing to live by God’s will have to do with predestination?


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      It goes to the free will vs predestination discussion. God created us, and in so doing were we given the choice to find a choose to live by his will? Or did God create us and also put a plan in place for us that we can’t deviate from? If God did, why in the blazes would God create beings just to have huge swaths of them get sent to Outer Darkness? That’s a whole can of worms I didn’t feel like opening on the show. We discussed it briefly about a year and a half ago when I told a Calvinist joke and Bryce failed to get it.


  3. Lee Kalba Says:

    “God is not a respecter of persons” except all the times that he is, like if you’re an Ammonite,or Canaanite, or black Mormon regarding the priesthood before 1978…


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