Episode 180: D&C 79 – Section 104, Part 1

October 28, 2017


Episode 180: D&C 79 – Section 104, Part 1

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Joseph re-allocates the church’s possessions to his inner circle.

Step 1: Get rid of the Bad People in your inner circle by politicking them out of said inner circle so you can take their portion.

Step 2: Give the big items to people who might know what to do with it.

Step 3: Don’t worry about it if your name is John Johnson and literally your entire farm and land is being given to a crazy guy named Martin Harris.


Patron Bonus Episode: The Return of the Sister Missionaries (plus 1)
Drink Count – 7

Here are two takes on the recent actions take by Salt Lake City officials to remove the homeless from view.

It’s a good thing because it’s a targeted approach
It’s a bad thing, it just scatters people without helping

Council of 50: Minutes 

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