Episode 179: D&C 78 – Section 103

October 21, 2017


Episode 179: D&C 78 – Section 103

The saints in Kirtland start gathering together in preparation for a march down to Missouri to retake Zion.

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman 

Zion’s Camp

Kathrine Switzer


Drink count – 11


Patron Bonus Episode: Marie and Bryce attempt to go to Alma


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2 Comments on “Episode 179: D&C 78 – Section 103”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    God commanding Joseph to send Parley Pratt and Lyman Wight to round up 500 men, but settling for 300, no, make that 100, yeah, all that is in the original draft of the revelation, and not a later addition, since you wondered.

    Something I never noticed before is how after God expresses his will in that matter, in verse 31 he quotes the famous Bible passage: ask and ye shall receive; but then God immediately makes it clear that even HE has no faith in that particular promise. He’s asking for 500 men, but he knows he’s not going to receive them.

    It looks like I didn’t exactly jump right in when invited to join your game of which historical Mormon figure would I like to meet. Sorry about that. I guess even playing the game presupposes that I’m the type of person who ever would want to have a one-on-one meet up with a famous person. OK, I’ll go have dinner with them if there are at least five or six other people there, so I don’t have to worry about doing a lot of talking. I’d rather be the fly on the wall than the interviewer.

    Anyway, I should probably go with the easy answer of wanting to meet Joseph Smith. I don’t imagine there’s any factual information I could needle out of him that we don’t already know from history, but at least I could judge his comportment, and see for myself what brand of charismatic he really was. Would I find him likeable, or unbearable? Would he have duped me, if I didn’t already know better?

    But I’d probably rather meet some Mormon ancestors of mine who haven’t made the history books, assuming that this hypothetical meetup wouldn’t somehow result in my never being born, of course. “Are you saying that my great-great-great grandmother… has got the hots for ME!?”


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      How very Marty McFly of you. 😛

      I go back and forth on whether I’d ever want to meet Joseph Smith, and if I did, which year would I want to meet him in? I can’t imagine JS of 1827 would be the same as April 1834, and June 1834 would be an entirely different dude. Would he see me and have a revelation about how God super wants me to be his wife, or would I pass beneath his attention? How often does he bathe, anyway?


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