Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2

November 4, 2017


Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2

The church assets continue to be broken up and given to Joseph’s inner circle. Who is the treasurer over the new treasury? TBD, we guess.

John Johnson’s Inn

Patron Bonus: Marie and Amanda tour the church building

Drink count – ??? A couple, probably.
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Podcastriarchal Blessing: Thomas
Podcastriarchal Music: Our Happy Life by Maps and Transit, edited for length

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3 Comments on “Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2”

  1. MarsGirl Says:

    I continue to enjoy your show as always. As I was listening to this episode I heard Bryce say that malaria is caused by a virus…actually it is caused by a parasite. I’m a retired microbiologist and have seen the organisms on human blood smears here in Florida. I am particularly terrified of mosquitoes because they serve as vectors for all kinds of nasty diseases. Anyway, FYI.


  2. Rick Hansen Says:

    I wonder if Joseph had a temporary brain fart when he used the word “loan” in LDS 104:84. If you read it in context, the only way it makes sense is if he meant to use the word “borrow” instead of “loan” My Community of Christ Doctrine and Covenants has the word “loan” with “[borrow]” in brackets next to it. The original hand-written revelation uses only the word “loan.” http://beta.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/revelation-23-april-1834-dc-104/24 . I’m guessing that the guys who compiled the CoC version put the word “[borrow]” in there to aid the reader in understanding what was probably intended here. Just my thoughts. Perhaps when Dale Luffman’s new book comes out later this year, he can shed some light on this.


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