Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2

November 4, 2017


Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2

The church assets continue to be broken up and given to Joseph’s inner circle. Who is the treasurer over the new treasury? TBD, we guess.

John Johnson’s Inn

Patron Bonus: Marie and Amanda tour the church building

Drink count – ??? A couple, probably.
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Podcastriarchal Blessing: Thomas
Podcastriarchal Music: Our Happy Life by Maps and Transit, edited for length


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2 Comments on “Episode 181: D&C 80 – Section 104, Part 2”

  1. MarsGirl Says:

    I continue to enjoy your show as always. As I was listening to this episode I heard Bryce say that malaria is caused by a virus…actually it is caused by a parasite. I’m a retired microbiologist and have seen the organisms on human blood smears here in Florida. I am particularly terrified of mosquitoes because they serve as vectors for all kinds of nasty diseases. Anyway, FYI.


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