Episode 122: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 2

August 21, 2016


Episode 122: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 2

In today’s episode of victim-blaming, it’s all your fault because you don’t have enough faith. If you’re in 1831 you learn about allocating space for newcomers, if you’re in 2013 or later you learn that you get one free pass, then you have to stop your adulterous ways. I wish I was kidding.

13 drinks, or about 2 beers.


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5 Comments on “Episode 122: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 2”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Hey, hey, hey! That “different levels of heaven” discussion can wait until the upcoming D&C section where it’s all laid out. Don’t blow your whole wad! I was hoping that concept would be utterly mind blowing at that point. Maybe it can still be kind of shocking, but I don’t know, now.

    The mention of how bishops and stake presidents don’t receive any payment for their services in the church was really apropos, because of how confusing the current version is. It says the bishop shall receive just remuneration, which they don’t. Bishops did get paid throughout the 19th century, I think, but it’s been a long time since that’s been the case.

    There is one bishop, however, known as the Presiding Bishop, who still gets paid. He’s basically in charge of all the church’s “temporal” affairs (as opposed to the “spiritual” stuff), like building chapels, temples, shopping malls, and so forth. As Edward Partridge was the only bishop in the church at the time of this revelation, he was in essentially the same role, dealing with church property, rather than the pastor-like role of today’s thousands of local LDS bishops. I bet he never even got to ask any teenagers about when was the last time they masturbated.

    Unfortunately, there’s a really boring explanation for how all those adultery verses just show up out of nowhere. Multiple chapters of the original Book of Commandments (chapters 44 and 47) were combined to become D&C 42. Those verses are in the BoC, but they’re just at the end of the Chapter 47 in the old version, and for whatever reason, someone decided they should be brought up to the front of the everything else from that chapter when it got combined.

    Say, that http://joelakuhn.com/dc-compare/ link really IS handy!


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      I think it’s so creepy that bishops ask details about masturbation. Ew ew ew ew!

      I’m really unimpressed with copy/paste editing that has been done between the original and current versions. I can see moving same-topic sections together for ease of reading, but they didn’t do a very good job of it here! What’s the point of moving the adultery verses together if they’re still interspersed with non-adultery verses? It reminds me of English class in 6th grade where we’d practice rearranging sentences in paragraphs to improve narrative flow. I aced it, btw, and could do a much better job at the D&C than was done here.


  2. help3434 Says:

    How is it a contradiction to send missionaries to spread the gospel, and then to say to now spread the mysteries to the world? They are not the same thing.


  3. Rick Hansen Says:

    I think the word “world” in verse 65 is referring to the “world” outside the church. In this sense, the mysteries of the kingdom are not given to the “world,” meaning the wicked people of the world. Verse 61 is referring to mysteries being made known to righteous people.



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