Episode 121: D&C 24 – Section 42 Part 1

August 14, 2016


Episode 121: D&C 24 – Section 42 Part 1

Ownership, 1831 Edition: All ur stuff are belong to the bishop. Ownership, 2013 Edition: All ur excess stuff are belong to the church for the benefit of the poor, occasionally, if it works out that way. 10 drinks, or approximately 2 beers.


Read along with us at joelakuhn.com/dc-compare

Check out authorship attribution on slide 185 at http://mormonleaks.com/library/episode-06/#

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3 Comments on “Episode 121: D&C 24 – Section 42 Part 1”

  1. Marsgirl Says:

    IMHO the change from “my spirit” to “the spirit” in verse 5 of the 2013 edition was made to help support the LDS concept of the “Godhead” as 3 separate “entities” whereas “my spirit” sounds more trinitarian. On another topic that Byrce mentioned, the wealthy LDS Church is the largest private land owner in Florida; it’s not beach front property but still they own 2 % of my homestate. I think they should offer stock options to their members in return for the billions of dollars that it receives each year in tithes, however, members do get one freebie: a free subscription to Ancestry.com so they can hunt for dead people.


  2. Marsgirl Says:

    When I I received my confirmation after my baptism many years ago I expected to experience some profound change or feeling in my being, but in my perplexity I did not. I never felt that “burning bosom” that you hear so much about in the Church so I guess that made me an anomaly which I proved to be in more ways than one. Verses 13-14 in the 1833 book talk about how the Elders are to be directed by “the Spirit” in their teachings, and they can’t teach if they do not receive “the Spirit.” So I find myself wondering what goes on in an Elder’s psyche (or any member) that specifically lets him know that he is being guided by “the Spirit.” And how does a member know if an Elder is teaching by “the Spirit.” On another note, in v. 27 Joseph sets up a convenient parameter to keep you within the fold: if you leave you can’t get your stuff back.


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