Episode 120: D&C 23 – Section 39-41

August 7, 2016


Episode 120: D&C 23 – Section 39-41

God’s strength is affirmed when he assures James Covel that moving to Ohio will be a 100% success, then Satan swoops in and tempts Covel right outta there. Joseph and Sidney get revelated into nicer houses. It’s good to be in charge! 19 drinks, or about three beers.

Read along with me at http://joelakuhn.com/dc-compare/


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2 Comments on “Episode 120: D&C 23 – Section 39-41”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    A small correction: Edward Partridge was compared to Nathanael from John chapter 1, not to Nathan the prophet of 2 Samuel. Nathanael was the disciple of Jesus who wondered if any good thing could come out of Nazareth.

    When Nathanael met Jesus, Jesus said, “Hey look at this guy! There’s no guile in this guy!” And Nathanael’s like, “What do you know about it?” And Jesus says, “I saw you under the fig tree before you came here.” And Nathanael said, “Dude! How’d you see me sitting under a fig tree? You’re the Son of God!” And Jesus said, “You believe in me just because I said I saw you under a fig tree? Stick with me, and you’ll see greater things than that!”

    Whether or not it’s flattering to Edward Partridge that he was compared to a disciple who even Jesus seemed to think was a little too credulous, I don’t know.

    No guile…



    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m pretty sure that needs a dramatic re-enactment with those words. Oh, poor Nathanael, I almost feel guilty for mocking your complete lack of guile. Almost.

      Side note, I figured out much later after finishing the podcast that the triple combination refers to The Book of Mormon, Pricey Pearl, and the Book of Abraham. Talk about lazy googling, I did NOT figure that out while recording.


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