Episode 123: D&C 26 – Section 42 Part 3

August 28, 2016


Episode 123: D&C 25 – Section 42 Part 3

Women are part of this section!!!! Don’t worry, it’s all negative. Peer pressure is a thing, much in the way that logical narrative flow isn’t. 5 drinks, or one beer if you take big swigs (recommended).


Read along with us at http://www.joelakuhn/dc-compare

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2 Comments on “Episode 123: D&C 26 – Section 42 Part 3”

  1. St. Ralph Says:

    I still think that the fact that God Almighty needs an editor says it all. But . . . having accepted that disheartening little glitch in the Universe, we need to get God a good editor, preferably someone who’s worked as a slash-and-burn editor in a New York publishing house.

    I had a girlfriend years ago who had worked her way through Columbia as a part time editor in New York. When I wrote something for work like a white paper or a proposal or something, I would have her look it over before I turned it in. She would take something that I had put my best effort into and cut it up, rearrange it, delete a third of it and (seriously) raise my apparent IQ 20 points. A document that was grammatically correct and perfectly coherent to start with, now sounded like it had been written for the New Yorker or the Wall Street Journal.

    Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me or something to hire a top professional editor (maybe a team of them) to rework Mormon scripture—and then start on the Bible. Does God deserve less?


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      I get a huge kick out of the idea that God needs a staff. God sure is busy, what with all the creating and listening to our prayers, we need to get a staff of grammarians on board to help with the admin. LOL


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