Episode 50: Alma 49-50

November 20, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 50: Alma 49-50

In this one the Lamanite army comes charging into Nephite territory, and then suddenly forgets what armies are supposed to do when they are attacking a neighboring land. Then we hear all about how awesome it is to be a Nephite. And finally the battles resume as two Nephite cities decide to have a good ol fashioned border war!

“Drink” Count – 44

A little over 7 beers


And don’t forget to check out “Naked Mormonism” podcast: http://nakedmormonismpodcast.com/

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16 Comments on “Episode 50: Alma 49-50”

  1. Scott Gines Says:

    What a pleasant surprise!!


  2. Scott Gines Says:

    Teancum: Tee-ann-come


  3. Scott Gines Says:

    Pahoran: Pay-whore-ahn


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      You’re joking right? Was he named after his dad paid his whore Ann?


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      I’ve got to disagree on this pronunciation, Scott. The Pronunciation Guide says the first “a” in Pahoran is like the “a” in about. So it’s more like “puh-WHORE-un”. So you still get your whore, David. (Likewise, you still get the cum in “Tee-ANN-cum”, so that’s fun.)


    • ohokyeah Says:

      I heard it as pah-hor-an when I was growing up.

      Funny, it seems there’s a dispute about how it was said among the Mymos!


  4. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Here’s that crappy map of the Book of Mormon lands again, for those who wanted to see it, but didn’t want to go looking for it. And when I say it’s a crappy map, I mean seriously, this vague, amorphous landmass looks like a dangling bowel movement:


  5. Dave Says:

    Teen-cum? I laughed for 5 minutes alone on that one…You made me choke on my Big Mac. And French Fries… thanks, it’s been a tough week, and I needed the laugh 🙂


  6. Dave Says:

    and without any spoilers… we will see that Teencum returns a few times in the next few chapters… he’s a Rambo badass!


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