Episode 51: Alma 51-52

November 24, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 51: Alma 51-52

Moroni is so busy repressing his own people, and even decides to execute thousands of them for being political dissenters, that the Lamanites just walk right in the back door and take a whole bunch of cities. But not to worry, Teancum is sent to find a way to trick those Lamanites out of their defensive positions. Will his plan work?

“Drink” Count – 46

Almost 8 beers


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3 Comments on “Episode 51: Alma 51-52”

  1. Hal in Howell Says:

    Yea, I have finally caught up on all episodes after a couple of marathon listening sessions! For reasons of self-preservation, I participated in the drinking game only virtually.

    As I listened to this latest episode, I was reminded of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. If only Jacob had adopted the strategy of the French Taunters against King Arthur, the Lamanites could have prevailed. As David pointed out, siege tactic was apparently beyond the ken of both armies and the construction of a large wooden rabbit should have been obvious to Moroni (or Joseph Smith). Surely there was a “reformed Egyptian” hieroglyph for a rabbit in the plates that was somehow missed.

    I also recall that Teancum’s ploy of retreating to draw the Lamanites out of the city, while Capt. Moroni’s forces flanked their rear, was similar to a successful tactic used by the Muslim armies against the Crusaders.


    • ohokyeah Says:

      This episode has made it abundantly clear yet again that if the Nephites and Lamanites did exist, both sides had absolutely shoddy military leadership. The Book of Mormon military leaders are frequently inept.

      It’s interesting what points might be missed while reading the Book of Mormon as a believer, lucky for us all we have a skeptic to point out things that believers take for granted.


  2. Molly Says:

    RE: Tea-n-cum

    If you’re all out of milk . . .


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