Episode 49: Alma 47-48

November 17, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 49: Alma 47-48

So Amalickiah comes up with one of the craziest plans ever to try and take down the king of the Lamanites. Will he succeed, or will they see through his evil cunning ways? After that, we get a whole chapter trying to convince us that Moroni and the Nephites are the good guys.

And yes, by popular request, I played along again with the drinking game!

“Drink” Count – 54

Exactly 9 Beers!


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3 Comments on “Episode 49: Alma 47-48”

  1. Kathryn Teleste Says:

    Laughed so hard when you announced that you were supposed to go on Mormon Stories later that night. Did you end up recording? If so, can’t wait to hear it. I’ve been trying to imagine how John Dehlin’s usual line of deep questioning into the interviewee’s faith journey might have gone under your circumstances … I hope you had a great time!


  2. Easton Smith Says:

    Usually I think the drinking game is kind of annoying, but this episode was hilarious. You were wondering why a Lamanite was talking about the reign of judges, that’s because the story is being told by a Nephite (Mormon). It explains this later in the book but you haven’t gotten to that part yet. Ah-MAL-ick-EYE-uh


  3. Dave Says:

    Another troubling (read: funny) thing about these major battles taking place is the lack of archeological findings… you’d think, after all, that wars leaving tens of thousands of dead people, along with their swords and shields etc would have left behind a single trace of something… bones, weapons… 2,000 years ago is not a long time… especially when we still find 60 million year old Dinosaur bones in the same areas.


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