Episode 25: Mosiah 12-15

July 21, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 25: Mosiah 12-15

Abinadi teaches us the 10 commandments, and King Noah isn’t too pleased to hear it. Next Isaiah describes just how really, really ugly Jesus was (who knew?). And then we learn about Abinadi’s foot fetish, and all of Jesus’s seed.

“Drink” Count – 39

Six and a half Beers!


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4 Comments on “Episode 25: Mosiah 12-15”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    We’ve finally earned ourselves another dip in the Arnold Friberg trough of awesome Book of Mormon inspired paintings.

    This painting is so iconic, that although the text makes no mention of Abinadi’s age, or whether King Noah kept leopards as pets, these details are essentially canon now, and Mormons will accept no other depictions of this scene.


    • ohokyeah Says:

      I think this painting is pretty much why my brother and I as young children called King Noah “Fat King Noah.”


  2. ohokyeah Says:

    Wow, Mosiah 12:36. Mormons are in flagrant violation of this as per the portion “Thou shalt not make… any likeness of any thing in heaven above, or things which are in the earth beneath.”

    The golden statue representation of Angel Moroni is on top of virtually every temple. They have artwork depicting angels and ancient prophets which they believe are resurrected. They have depictions of Jesus, who is a member of the Godhead. They have pictures of God via the First Vision. The LDS church depicts angels, members of the God head (I recall the Holy Ghost in a depiction in the children’s edition of the Doctrine and Covenants). Any depiction of Satan (in ANY location) is also in violation of that rule.


  3. Andrea Says:

    It always gets me how easily you call God out on being a jerk. As a believing Mormon I could never allow myself to think of God as doing anything wrong. But it’s so obvious. He’s horrible!


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