Episode 24: Mosiah 9-11

July 14, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 24: Mosiah 9-11

It’s Flashback time! So we jump way back in the story to find out how all the Lamanites took over everything in the first place. Then, we have our first battle chapter! Which, sadly, also includes a campaign of ethnic cleansing. But don’t worry, god is on their side!

“Drink” Count – 40

Almost 7 Beers!


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3 Comments on “Episode 24: Mosiah 9-11”

  1. jwartena Says:

    Not surprisingly, Ziff is a word that appears only in the Book of Mormon.

    Later, in the book of Alma, you’ll run into a detailed explanation of Nephite coinage. It won’t make much sense, and there are a lot of made-up words, just like Ziff.

    “The Book of Mormon ring to it.” That made me laugh so hard. Yes, you have the Abinadi pronunciation right. And yes, he’s going to give a crazy sermon that doesn’t make a lick of sense in context.

    I love how frustrated you get with the prophets and God in these chapters. Thanks for a great episode, once again.


  2. Andrea Says:

    I know its too late now, but Zeniff is pronounced as if you are saying the words zen and if. Not that i really care, but just so you know. Great job as always telling it like it is!


  3. auntiecatherine Says:

    Breastwork just means a barrier between the wicked Noah priests and the people. Think wall or fence up to chest height.


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