Episode 23: Mosiah 8 and AOA Clip

July 10, 2014


Click to listen: Episode 23: Mosiah 8 and AOA Clip

Prepare yourselves, in this episode we are introduced to a true Goddess. Next we hear more about the Ammon/Limhi bromance, Then we wrap it up with a clip from my appearance on Atheists on Air, which I believe might be the funniest 10 minutes of my life.  Check out the whole episode here:

Atheists on Air – Episode 57

“Drink” Count – 5

Almost 1 Beer


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4 Comments on “Episode 23: Mosiah 8 and AOA Clip”

  1. jwartena Says:

    Wow. I never thought about the obvious self-promotion Joseph Smith did with the Mosiah/seer/seer stones story. He’s literally calling himself the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    And it’s so obvious, gah! That story is just shoe-horned into the narrative, doesn’t make any sense in context, then only ever comes up once.


  2. ohokyeah Says:

    Oh my heck, the bonus material, my eyes…they’re watering. My face… it hurts.


  3. Tina Says:

    One clarification… The weird “she” at the end of Chapter 8 refers to “wisdom.” (In the previous sentence that it says the people “will not seek wisdom.”) Lots of virtues like wisdom, temperance, charity, etc. are referred to using feminine pronouns, especially in Hebrew, Greek, etc. (It’s anyone’s guess if the same would be true for “reformed Egyptian,” but I digress.) If you read the electronic version from the LDS website or a printed copy, there are tons of footnotes and scriptural cross-references on each page that give insight to these wording details and what the LDS interpretation is. Given that Smith was ultimately putting all of this in his own words, I think the “she = wisdom” idea fits with his nineteenth-century verbiage. It is confusing, though.


  4. rainydayznpjs Says:

    I can not express how much I love you. The Goddess “ceremony” … fantastic.
    It it true that this show is way more bag for your tithing buck….


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