Episode 14: 2 Nephi 31-Jacob 1

June 2, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 14: 2 Nephi 31-Jacob 1

We finally say goodbye to Nephi. Yes, he dies in this one. Bummer for him. And, of course, those Nephites just go right back into wicked ways.  Will they never learn?  Oh, and remember to donate to the Taylor Scholarship http://whitefieldseducational.org/mybookofmormonpodcast/

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7 Comments on “Episode 14: 2 Nephi 31-Jacob 1”

  1. David Says:

    “shecameonahonda”… lol


  2. ohokyeah Says:

    A trapped Mormon is called a “closeted exmo” at least on /r/exmormon. I was going to suggest “BoMmos” or “My BoMmos” as a nickname for the podcast fans.

    Baptism by immersion is how Mormons do it, it is supposed to wash away all sin (until you sin again, and then you’re supposed to repent). Baptism is never repeated except in a handful of circumstances, two of which are that you stop being a member and later come back and if the person isn’t completely immersed in water, it must be repeated until the person is completely submerged. There’s other information about that, but it would be spoilers.


  3. K Klem Says:

    A few thoughts:

    Baptism by fire is receiving the Holy Ghost. It is figurative (as you have guessed). No fire is actually used when giving the Holy Ghost. I know. It’s inconsistent. You baptize with actual water, why not be baptized by actual fire to get the Holy Ghost. Probably a better way to go with figurative approach. Hey. At least we don’t have to circumcise to join!

    I get a kick out of the simple religious/philosophical passages go right past you. Pretty simple. Get baptized. Get the Holy Ghost. Continue to follow God. Collect the rewards. Funny to hear how befuddled you get when you cover the simple things.

    The Godhead. Very simple. Three separate people: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. They all act act as one in purpose and action. What one would do, they all would do…. you know, God like. Our purpose here is to be as God-like as possible (without all the smiting and wrath stuff…more like New Testament God…except for the Book of Revelation. That has some heavy duty smiting and destruction going on).

    Interesting take on prayer. I like to think of it as getting input from God before making a choice and moving on with life. Sort of like a check in with before taking action. Prayer isn’t as much for God as it is for us to align our thoughts and actions to doing the right things (and correcting actions which we didn’t do so well in the past). If you want a less religious take on this think of the act of meditation. You know. A little “me” time to sort out the challenges in life.

    Laban losing his head by the hand of Nephi was all cool since the Lord told him to do it. The dude was unreasonable about the Brass plates and did pretty much stole everything from Nephi and his brothers and threatened to kill them. So I guess turn about is fair play. Kind of cool they’re still hauling around this murder weapon as a religious artifact.


    • Roger Says:

      You really miss the secular complain about the slaying of Laban.

      To the majority of people, Lehi is some crazy old man. Laban is protecting a cultural heritage item. He gets killed for it. He doesn’t get his heart softened, he doesn’t give a dream that he’s supposed to give the plates away, he isn’t visited by an angel, he doesn’t get shocked as a demonstration of power.

      Imagine Pat Robertson makes another doomsday prediction, moves to Mexico, then sends his sons to go grab the original Bill of Rights. The sons show up, as for it, they get rejected. They come back, offer $50,000,000 for the bill, someone called for them to be arrested and their assets get frozen/seized. They come back again, kill the custodian of the Bill, chop off his body parts to get by palm/retinal scans, take the security guards hostage, and tell them that they have the option of coming with them to mexico, or they will be killed.

      And it’s really not clear why the brass plates are necessary. If one is to take the account of Islam seriously, an Angel dictated the scriptures to Mohammed, and he writes them down. Why can’t an angel dictate the necessary points of scripture to Nephi? Or even worse, they already have a sacred object with a text display. What is contained in the brass plates that can’t be displayed on the Liahona and then transcribed?


  4. Jason Says:

    David, it was funny when you thought you were the subject of a BOM prophecy. You weren’t the subject of that particular one, but you are the subject of one of the prophesies that comes later. You’ll know it when you read it.


  5. Scott Says:

    Here’s my best explanation of the Mormon trinity. God is god. That’s why there’s only one God. But Jesus fills in for him sometimes, and is acting in his place in the Old Testament, and the BoM before 3 Nephi. Jesus is technically also a god, but he’s not our god, so we have one god. Filling in doesn’t make him our god. Also people can become gods after they die, but they are definitely not our gods, so we only have one god. Nobody cares about the Holy Ghost’s claim to godhood. Simple, right?


  6. Tanner Barker Says:

    Don’t you remember that I said there were flying reindeer? Well how could there be reindeer if there was no Santa? Checkmate asantists


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