Non-Canon Revelation 1: June 1829

January 5, 2019


Non-Canon Revelation 1: June 1829

Welcome apostates back into the church, because YOU could be the reason they rededicate themselves to the faith. Sidney Rigdon writes Oliver Cowdery out of history with a few scribbles of his greedy little pen.


Bonus episode: What should I do when I see pornography?

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3 Comments on “Non-Canon Revelation 1: June 1829”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    That was pretty interesting. I look forward to the rest of the non-canon revelations.

    While some of these verses had ideas that sound like they were repurposed in later canon revelations, there was a big chunk that matches a Book of Mormon passage, in 3 Nephi 18:28-33, where Jesus instructs the Nephites to not let anyone unworthily take the sacrament, using the exact same wording.

    I’m left to wonder which came first, and whether an earnest Oliver Cowdery was quoting the Book of Mormon manuscript (or felt himself channeling God quoting or repeating it), or whether a more mendacious Oliver Cowdery was writing the Book of Mormon (at least in part) all along.


  2. help3434 Says:

    Those who are excommunicated can still come to church.


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