Episode 164: D&C 64 – Section 88, Part 1

June 24, 2017


Episode 164: D&C 64 – Section 88, Part 1

Live show: July 29, 7pm at Squatter’s in Salt Lake City

Zion gets built up by… honestly, we’re not sure. God is everywhere, god is light, god will fill you. The earth shall die, it will be born again, and the righteous will inherit it. Kirtland = Outer Darkness. Once you die you’ll understand all this, so don’t worry about understanding it now.

16 drinks + 1 shot for For, For, so about three full beverages.

Inara Serra is a character from my favorite TV show of all time, Firefly.

Patron bonus episode: Marie reviews the Missionary Handbook

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3 Comments on “Episode 164: D&C 64 – Section 88, Part 1”

  1. xxicenturyboy Says:

    Fun Fact, you guys have mentioned in the last few episodes…the movie “Left Behind” and alluded to the 2nd Left Behind movie…”Left Behind: Tribulation Force” and Christopher Walken’s classic…”The Phrophecy”. You also mentioned God Awful Movies and meeting Eli, Noah and Heath. Guess what, they have reviewed all 3 movies!! GAM 004, 005 and 092. xxicenturyboy sez check ’em out!


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