Episode 162: D&C 62 – Sections 85 and 86

June 10, 2017


Episode 162: D&C 62 – Sections 85 and 86

Joseph’s new scribe has a completely different tone, and it’s boring. The United Firm is kinda sorta failing at managing money on account of them never having enough money. If you don’t give your properties/monies to the church then you will be cut off from heaven. It’s the episode where Babylon is a total whore.

Drink count – 11, or about a beer and a half

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Patron Bonus Episode: Our evolving opinions of religion. Marie and Bryce muse about how their views on Mormonism have changed since they started this podcasting adventure. For the good? For the bad???

Bad Religion is a band that did a song called 21st Century Boy

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6 Comments on “Episode 162: D&C 62 – Sections 85 and 86”

  1. Julie Says:

    You are so right – Joseph’s mantra was to get money. William Law gave an interview to the Salt Lake Tribune and he said this:

    “Their principle was to weaken a man in his purse, and in this way take power and influence from him. Weaken everybody, that was their motto. Joseph’s maxim was, when you have taken all the money a fellow has got, you can do with him whatever you please.”


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    D&C 85 is a relatively obscure section, but it contains a famous verse that has never done any good for the LDS church, and only ever caused them grief or annoyance. That is the prophecy about “one mighty and strong” who God will send to “set in order the house of God”. This is THE go-to verse for two kinds of people:

    1) Leaders of schismatic Mormon churches, often of the polygamist variety, who use it as their claim to authority, each saying the LDS church is led by false prophets who have screwed everything up, so God has sent him (once again, they’re all men, for some reason…) to set the church in order. Some examples include James Strang, and… well, SEVERAL different members of the LeBaron family, including Joel LeBaron, and Ervil LeBaron, who ordered the murder of his brother Joel.

    2) Individual nut jobs who think God is talking to them, but who apparently have less ambitious motives than wanting to run a whole church, but just do their own crazy thing. Examples include Ron and Dan Lafferty, who murdered their sister-in-law and her baby on God’s orders, and Brian David Mitchell, who kidnapped and raped 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart on God’s orders.

    The LDS church, not wanting to encourage either competition to its leadership or mentally unstable crazies who embarrass them, views this as a conditional prophecy that is now closed, and won’t need to come to pass. They say Edward Partridge was neglecting his duty at the time of this revelation, and like hapless Uzzah who steadied the ark, he would be smitten down by God and replaced by someone better who could do the job. But since Partridge apparently repented and shaped up, God mercifully didn’t have to go through on his threats, so the prophecy doesn’t apply anymore.

    There’s an entire Wikipedia article on the phrase “One Mighty and Strong”, which explains the church’s interpretation of the verse, and gives a list of about three dozen people who have been proclaimed, and usually self-proclaimed, the “one mighty and strong”, so I hope no one thinks I knew all this off the top of my head.



  3. J. Darnel Says:

    Nobody puts Babylon in a corner…


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