Episode 161: D&C 61 – Section 84 Part 2

June 3, 2017


Episode 161: D&C 61 – Section 84 Part 2

Live show at Squatters Pub in SLC at 7pm on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Check the Facebook page for more details as it comes available.

Your job as a high priest is to recruit more people. True believers are are not bound by sin will have superpowers! Bryce was an idiot and got bitten by a snake. The gospel applies to everyone from Sept. 22, 1832 forward!!! As you go out on your missions, go without food or supplies because God will make you invincible and always provided for. Make sure you leave your money behind. While on your mission, if you find a newer missionary or a helper, give them all your grunt work.

Drink count – 12, or about 2 beers

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One Comment on “Episode 161: D&C 61 – Section 84 Part 2”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    “He that receiveth you not, go away from him alone by yourselves, and cleanse your feet even with water, pure water, whether in heat or in cold, and bear testimony of it unto your Father which is in heaven, and return not again unto that man.”

    During the last week of my mission in Panama, my companion and I received a minor rejection from a guy we had talked with a few times, who had seemed pretty positive on our message before. Apparently, a few days previously he had decided to join the local Pentecostal church, “Dios es Amor”. As I had pretty much mentally checked out by that point, so close to the end, and never was an enthusiastic missionary in the first place, I wasn’t keen to argue with the man about why he was making the wrong choice, when he had obviously made up his mind.

    My companion however, who was a new missionary, a “greenie”, as the mission parlance goes, was intent on bearing testimony and convincing the dude to reconsider. It was all to no avail, and my companion got a bit heated, even downright “contentious”. Not long after we had left the house and were walking around looking for something else to do, he began crying. And then he surprised me.

    He said he had been praying since we left that man’s house, and he had received an impression from the Spirit. The Spirit supposedly had told him that he was to shake off the dust of his feet, to literally perform the action described here in D&C 84 of cleansing his feet, and leaving this man who had rejected the gospel of Christ to his condemnation. He said he had begun crying because he didn’t want to have to do it, but he felt he must do it.

    Back then, part of me probably believed that washing the feet was something that had real power behind it, like baptism itself, and that it must be appropriate on some occasions, or else why was it in the D&C? But the part of me with common sense chalked up this “spiritual impression” to an emotional overreaction, and found the whole judgmental notion extremely distasteful anyway, more likely to emotionally harm my companion, if I indulged him, than to actually affect anyone else, so I pulled rank. I said, “I’m the senior companion here, and I haven’t felt an impression to do any such thing. We’re not washing our feet!”

    He was quite insistent, though, and started back to our house with the express purpose of boiling some water. He needed to boil water, you see, so that he’d have some “pure water” on hand to use, as the D&C specifically instructs. I went along home with him, not entirely sure he was serious, until he put a pot of water on the stove.

    At this point I called up the Mission President, who I figured could talk some sense into the kid, if I couldn’t. To his credit, our Prez was a very kind, good, and reasonable man, and talked my companion down instead of egging him on, and then we chilled for a bit at home before going back out. I hope that’s not too disappointing of an anti-climax for you. Long story short (too late!), I only got out of an hour or so of missionary work that day, and the time off was dearly bought, but probably worth it.


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