Episode 152: D&C 52 – Sections 71 and 72 (Feat. Jim Van Heel)

March 25, 2017


Episode 152: D&C 52 – Sections 71 and 72 (Feat. Jim Van Heel)

Ezra Booth has caused a public image problem by publishing a bunch of anti-Mormon letters in the local newspapers. Joseph decides to solve this by sending out his followers to get more followers. Newel K. Whitney is called to be a bishop! It’s a bit different than Edward Partridge, who is bishop over all the money and the belongings. Newel is mostly keeping the meeting minutes?

Joseph heavily implies that everyone should keep a journal, which is a problem since apparently general authorities kinda don’t. Methinks section 72 is the genesis of modern day recommends…

Be advised that Jim has watched every episode of The Bachelor this season.

Read the story of one woman married to seven brothers here in both Matthew and Luke.

Catherine of Alexandria was a Catholic saint who was aces at converting people to Christianity.

Patron-only Bonus Episode: Jim tells Marie all about whatever happened to Joseph Smiths’ translation of the Bible, in part because Marie couldn’t figure out why it would be such an expensive purchase on Amazon.

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4 Comments on “Episode 152: D&C 52 – Sections 71 and 72 (Feat. Jim Van Heel)”

  1. MarsGirl Says:

    Publications of older LDS Church periodicals can be found online at the following site:


    If you are interested in what the LDS Church thought about race (“Man and HIs Varieties”) in 1868 see a series of articles that were published in the “Juvenile Instructor”, Vol. 3, Nos. 16 – 22. George Q. Cannon, one of the Twelve Apostles, was the editor and publisher of the “Juvenile Instructor” so I assume these articles had the blessing of Brigham Young who was President and Prophet at the time. Chilling to say the least.



  2. MarsGirl Says:

    Thanks for having Jim Van Heel on the show again…always enjoy hearing his perspective on all things LDS.


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