Episode 144: D&C 45 – Sections 62 and 63 Part 1

January 28, 2017


Episode 144: D&C 45 – Sections 62 and 63 Part 1

Should we do a Mormon Awful Movies for our Patrons?

Which host on the NPR Politics Podcast is Mormon? I didn’t have time to go back and find out.

62: Joseph phones it in with a quick revelation to some of his peeps who happened to walk by, because they get to keep doing what they’re doing while his inner circle remains destined to travel upon cursed waters.

63: God is in a bad mood and will smack you down if you’re bad. Also, you shouldn’t need a sign/tangible proof to believe in god, because you’ll only get a sign if you already believe.

Drink count – 12, or heading towards most of two beers

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2 Comments on “Episode 144: D&C 45 – Sections 62 and 63 Part 1”

  1. St. Ralph Says:

    There are some Mormon movies out there. The Richard Dutcher catalog contains some pro—or at least not anti—Mormon films, though not everything Dutcher ever did had anything to do with Mormonism. “God’s Army” and “States of Grace” are sympathetic films that are widely thought not to stink, that is, they weren’t terrible. Kurt Hale’s “Singles Ward,” on the other hand,WAS widely thought to stink pretty bad.

    My favorite is “Sons Of Provo.” It was made sort of tongue-in-cheek by actual Mormons and, if you grew up in Utah, it has got some very funny sequences that I’m not sure would be laughed at, or even understood, by just plain folks. And, as a callback to the Osmonds being Mormon, Alan Osmond (the oldest Osmond brother) has a cameo as an adviser to the “boy band” that the protagonists are trying to start. Mentions of this movie on exMormon forums of various description are invariably met with resounding silence. I’m not sure if no one’s seen it, or if they saw it and were struck silent by the experience, or what. I found it on the New Releases wall at Blockbuster video, so it did receive a general release at one time.


  2. Brother Sean Says:

    There are some higher-production mormon movies out there.

    Saints and Soldiers is totally watchable and doesn’t shove much mormonism in your face, it just follows an American soldier who doesn’t like killing germans because he had just recently served his mission in Germany… Powerful humanist message.

    Then, of course, Disney made “The Other Side Of Heaven” which follows Christopher Gorham as a missionary in Tonga as he deals with being separated from his love, played by OF ALL PEOPLE Anne Hathaway!

    Both are of a very watchable quality πŸ™‚

    Now… of course… as St Ralph mentioned, there are plenty of entirely awful ones haha some intentionally, some… unintentionally.

    The BOOK OF MORMON MOVIE was… horrible.





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