Episode 124: D&C 26 – Section 43

September 4, 2016


Episode 124: D&C 26 – Section 43

Revelators gonna revelate, so listen only to Joseph the Revelator. Marie and Bryce do their best God Voices, and Mean Jesus doesn’t want you to have a good time.


13 drinks, or about two beers.

Read along with us at http://www.joelakuhn.com/dc-compare

Read the LDS churches’ explanation about D&C revisions/adjustments at

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4 Comments on “Episode 124: D&C 26 – Section 43”

  1. fiberenabler Says:

    Verily, I think WordPress ate my comment while I was resetting my password. Behold, I fiberenabler have two more episodes to listen to. Then yay! my never-mo knitter self will be caught up! Marie and Bryce, you are awesome.


  2. Marsgirl Says:

    Temples are the pinnacles of the Mormon faith; they create an illusion of legitimacy. The Church needs to show the members something grand for the billions that they pay in tithes. Their goal is to build a network of temples in the U.S. so that members will be within 200 miles of the nearest location. Other parts of the world will have to make do with greater distances. Aww. Members are encouraged “to prepare” before they go to “The Temple” for the first time or for when they receive their endowments. The Church even offers a Temple Preparation Class to help facilitate their preparation, but from personal experience I can tell you that this class woefully failed to prepare me for what I experienced during my Temple visit to receive my endowments (what was I thinking?!). Mormonthink.com lists 15 questions that you are asked by your Bishop during your Temple Interview/Interrogation. Essentially you are asked if you are “morally clean” (you can have sex before you go to the Temple according to my Temple Prep instructor but that assumes you are married and having sex with your spouse), keeping the Word of Wisdom, paying a full tithe, living in harmony with the Church’s teachings, are you a polygamist, do you support Ordain Women, and do believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. If you haven’t paid a full tithe you can’t get a recommend. So Marie you may want to “prepare” for your first visit. Just remember on your walk through the Fort Collins Temple that this is where MEN will be anointed to become “a king and a priest unto THE MOST HIGH GOD” while WOMEN will be anointed to become “queens and priestesses to their HUSBANDS.” This assures that The Most High will not be bothered by those pesty royal women throughout the eternities.


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      I wish I could have read this before I visited the temple! Would you mind if I read part of this for the episode I’m putting together about my visit to the Ft Collins temple? Definitely nothing prepared me for my visit. Nothing has quite left me so speechless as the Celestial Room (I think it was called). It was… well, it was a trip.


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