Episode 114: D&C 17 – Section 30-31

June 12, 2016


Episode 114: D&C 17 – Section 30-31

To get us started, a bunch of different revelations to the Whitmer brothers are combined into one. David is told to stick around, while the others are told to go out on a mission. After that, Thomas Marsh is called to be a physician to the church, AND ONLY THE CHURCH, even if that means ignoring the wishes of his family.

“Drink!” Count –12

About 2 beers


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5 Comments on “Episode 114: D&C 17 – Section 30-31”

  1. George Nash (@gnash117) Says:

    Welcome to the podcast Marie. It was a fun listen even if not much was said in these chapters.


  2. Zena Says:

    I really like your new co-host! She’s smart, witty, and has a good sense of humor. Excellent job!


  3. Magnus Says:

    Marie! Well done!
    I really liked your take on things. Looking forward to the next episode


  4. St. Ralph Says:

    Keep it goin’ guys! I’m looking forward to the Journal of Discourses.


  5. Dale Lowry Says:

    I love Marie! Great conversation, and this time I managed to follow what was being said in the revelations. I’m not sure if that was because of their brevity or the reading style. In any case, you two have great hosting chemistry, and I’m looking forward to your future episodes.


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