Episode 113: Introducing Marie!

June 7, 2016


Episode 113: Introducing Marie!

The show has found a new host, and I couldn’t be happier! I love you already Marie, and can’t wait for you and Bryce to start the next chapter of the show. As a Mymo, I love the wild and crazy journey that we’ve already been through and can’t wait to find out what happens next. Thank you Marie and Bryce for making sure that journey didn’t end. I can guarantee I’ll never miss an episode. All the best.


David Michael, Former Host of the My Book of Mormon Podcast

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4 Comments on “Episode 113: Introducing Marie!”

  1. Marie L. Says:

    OMG…. Marie is my friend and she… is…. hilarious. I am going to listen to ALL THE EPISODES. Yay Marie!!!


  2. Jake Says:

    Welcome aboard Marie, i’m sure you’ll do great. You sound like the female version of David, grew up with a minister dad, great radio voice, strong interest in mormonism, politics and religion – PERFECT………


  3. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    This is wonderful news! Thank you, Marie, for taking up David’s mantle, as it were. I’m looking forward to the next show!


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