Episode 109: D&C 14 – Section 24-26

March 28, 2016


Episode 109: D&C 14 – Section 24-26

Right out of the gate, god confirms that Joe did indeed write the Book of Mormon himself (turns out it wasn’t Mormon writing it after all!). But then things start looking up for Joe when he is told by the big man upstairs that he doesn’t actually have to work anymore. Then we get our first revelation given directly to a woman, and it’s pretty much as misogynistic as you’d expect.

“Drink!” Count – 15

Around 3 beers


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7 Comments on “Episode 109: D&C 14 – Section 24-26”

  1. Priestess Catherine Says:

    A scrip is a bag or pouch , often carried by a pilgrim. It appears in the King James Bible and I rather suspect Joe didn’t know what it meant either.


  2. auntiecatherine Says:

    A scrip is a bag or pouch, usually as carried by a pilgrim. It’s mentioned, among other places, in the KJV see Luke 9:3. Which contains a very similar description of what to take on a journey.

    I suspect Joe didnt what it means either a nd only included it in the list because he thought it sounded bibley.


  3. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    In honor of D&C 26:2, “And all things shall be done by common consent in the church…”, here’s a short clip from last April’s General Conference, where a few brave souls (as you alluded to) took the call for an opposition vote seriously:

    The note has been noted.


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      No doubt, it was this action that prompted apostle Dallin H. Oaks’ hurt feelings on the matter of opposition, which he shared a couple days ago:


  4. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Emma Hale Smith, “the” wife of Joseph Smith:


  5. Darth_Bill Says:

    24:1 Behold, thou wast called and chosen to write the Book of Mormon, and to my ministry;

    Since this was addressed to OC, he did write the BoM as in scribe. While I love the reading, sometimes you miss some obvious meanings to TBMs. I guess that is the point but it can be sometimes aggravating.


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      In the episode that’s going to air on Saturday Bryce and I discuss the possibility of adding a “Comment Section” at the beginning of each podcast where we discuss all the stuff we miss that listeners point out here. What are your thoughts about that?


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