Episode 108: D&C 13 – Section 21-23

March 14, 2016


Episode 108: D&C 13 – Section 21-23

Ever wondered what a cult looks like when it’s first born? Well you’re in luck because we get to watch a real life cult birth (and it ain’t pretty)!

“Drink!” Count – 22

Around 4 beers


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2 Comments on “Episode 108: D&C 13 – Section 21-23”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I’ve been playing around with the idea of writing a show about the rise of Joe. It really is the perfect story line of someone who comes from nothing and uses his schemes to build an empire, in this case a religious one. It really has some striking parallels with Walter White from Breaking Bad. Would make a great TV series. Call it “The Prophet.” Get working on it.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I don’t think you read D&C 22 all that carefully. Verse 2 did not say we should follow the Law of Moses. It said because old covenants have been done away, you CANNOT be saved by the Law of Moses, just like you can’t be saved by all the baptisms you might have received from all those other churches. (Always a super fun part of being a missionary, belittling everyone’s previous baptism and characterizing it as having merely gotten them wet, nothing more.)

    You eventually figured out Verse 4. It doesn’t say, “seek not to counsel WITH God”, it says, “seek not to counsel God”, that is, don’t tell God what to do. But taken together with D&C 21, it really means don’t tell Joseph Smith what to do.


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